Cover Girl Killer (1959)

61m, 5500 feet, 1676 metres
35mm film, black and white
mono, English

A British borderline horror film directed by Terry Bishop.

Plot Summary

A young Canadian, John Mason, inherits a girly magazine, Wow, but finds himself caught up in the machinations of the eponymous killer who dons a wig and pebble glasses as a disguise. Inspector Brunner persuades Mason to let him use his magazine to lay a trap for the killer, putting showgirl June Rawson on the cover in the hope of attracting his attention.


Directed by: Terry Bishop
© MCMLIX [1959]
World distribution and copyright controlled by Butcher's Film Distributors Limited. Parroch Films present
Produced by: Jack Parsons
Production Manager: Jacques de Lane Lea
Screenplay by: Terry Bishop
Assistant Director: Peter Yates
Continuity: Phyllis Townshend
Photographed by: Gerald Gibbs
Camera Operator: Eric Williams
Editor: John Trumper
Music Composed and Conducted by: William Davies
Sound Recordist: Pip Pearson
Dubbing Editor: Ernest Hosler
RCA Sound Recording
Wardrobe: Brenda Gardner
Make-up: Tom Smith
Hairdresser: Hilda Fox
Art Director: Andrew Campbell
Made at Walton Studios, Walton-on-Thames, England, UK

Harry H. Corbett (the man)
Felicity Young (June [Rawson])
Spencer Teakle (John [Mason])
Victor Brooks ([Inspector] Brunner)
Bernadette Milne (Gloria [Starke])
Christina Gregg (Joy [Adams])
Tony Doonan (sergeant)
John Barrard (Lennie Ross)
Alan Edwards (Hodgkins)
Charles Lloyd Pack (Captain Adams)
Dermot Kelly (Pop)
Denis Holmes (actor)
Julie Shearing (Rosie)
Tony Thawnton (doctor)
Paddy Joyce (stagehand)
Claude Jones (Constable Jones)
John Baker (plainclothes man)



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