Counterblast (1948)

UK, 1948
90m [USA], 99m [UK]
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British borderline science fiction film directed by Paul L. Stein.

Plot Summary

A former Nazi doctor is hiding out in London passing himself off as an Australian bacteriologist. He is plotting to immunize the people of Germany against a plague that other surviving Nazis are planning to unleash in a future war.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Paul L. Stein
British National Films Ltd. presents a British National production
Distributed by Pathe
Produced by: Louis H. Jackson
Production Supervisor: Fred A. Swann
Screenplay by: Jack Whittingham
Based on an original story by: Guy Morgan
Assistant Director: Leigh Aman
Director of Photography: James Wilson
Camera Operator: Moray Grant
Editor: Joseph Sterling
Music Composed and Directed by: Hans May
Recording Director: Harold V. King
Sound Recordist: George Adams
Sound Editor: Eva Catchpole
Wardrobe Supervisor: L.M. Tweedy
Make-up Artist: Henry Hayward
Hair Stylist: A.G. Scott
Art Director: C. Wilfred Arnold
Murals by: Olga Lehmann & Gilbert Wood
Made and Produced at: National Studios, Elstree

Robert Beatty (Dr Rankin)
Mervyn Johns (Dr Bruckner)
Nova Pilbeam (Tracy Shaw)
Margaretta Scott (Sister Johnson)
Sybilla Binder (Martha)
Marie Lohr (Mrs Coles)
Karel Stepanek (Professor Inman)
Alan Wheatley (Kennedy)
Ronald Adam [Colonel Ingram] *
Gladys Henson [Mrs Plum] *
John Salew [padre] *
Anthony Eustrel [Dr Forrester] *
Archie Duncan [Dr McKechnie] *
Karl Jaffe [Heinz] *
Martin Miller [Dutch sailor] *
Aubrey Mallalieu [Major Walsh] *
Kynaston Reeves [Dr Owen] *
Jack Melford [Lucas] *
Peter Madren [Dr Williams] *
Frederick Schiller [Dutch sailor] *
Olive Sloane [barmaid] *
Stevins Chambers [police inspector] *
John England [club steward] *
Kenneth Keeling [police detective] *
Horace Kenney [taxi driver] *
H.G. Guinle [Dutch sailor] *

Alternative Titles

Devil’s Plot – US title
Osynlig fiende – Sweden



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