Cosa avete fatto a Solange? (1972)

Italy, West Germany, 1972
96m (Germany), 102m (UK), 107m
2633 metres (Germany), 2808 metres (Italy)
35mm film, Techniscope, Eastmancolor, 2.35:1
mono, Italian

An Italian/West German horror film directed by Massimo Dallamano.

Plot Summary

At an exclusive residential school, a number of the female have been murdered. The are baffled and it's up to one of the teachers, Henry, who is having an affair with one of his pupils, to find the killer when he becomes the chief suspect. The girls meanwhile are confessing their secrets and suspicions to the school's priest – which could prove to be their undoing…


* = uncredited

Directed by: Massimo Dallamano
©' [not given on screen]
I.I.F. Italian International Film presents. Italian International Film s.r.l. – Roma, Clodio Cinematografica s.r.l – Roma, Rialto Film reben Philipsen GmbH & Co.KG – Berlin
Produced by: Leonardo Pescarolo
Production Supervisor: Giuliano Principato
Production Manager: Enrico Melonari
Story and Screenplay: Bruno Di Geronimo, Massimo Dallamano
Director of Photography: Aristide Massaccesi [better known as Joe D'Amato]
Editor: Antonio Siciliano
Original Music by: Ennio Morricone
Sound: Francesco Vernier
Costumes: Elisa Gut
Make Up: Dante Trani
Art Director: Gastone Carsetti

Fabio Testi (Enrico ‘Henry' Rossini)
Cristina Galbo (Elizabeth Seccles)
Karin Baal (Herta Rossini)
Joachim Fuchsberger (Inspector Barth)
Günther Stoll (Professor Bascombe)
Claudia Butenuth (Brenda Pilchard)
Camille Keaton (Solange Beauregard)
Maria Monti (Mrs Erickson)
Giancarlo Badessi (Mr Erickson)
Pilar Castel (Janet Bryant)
Giovanna Di Bernardo (Helene)
Vittorio Fanfoni (Enrico's friend)
Marco Mariani (Reverend Weber)
Anthony Vernon [real name: Antonio Casale] (Mr Newton)
Emilia Wolkowich (Ruth Holden)
Daniele Micheletti (Mr Bryant)
Antonio Anelli
Rainer Penkert (Mr Leach)
Carla Mancini (girl in Enrico's class)
Aristide Massaccesi [better known as Joe D'Amato] [CID officer with newspaper] *

Alternative Titles

Das Geheimnis der grünen Stecknadel – West Germany
Mais… qu'avez vous fait à Solange? – France
Mannen i svart – Sweden
Que Fizeram a Solange? – Portugal
¿Qué habéis hecho con Solange? – Spain
The School That Couldn't Scream – USA
The Secret of the Green Pins – USA
Solange – UK (video)
Terror in the Woods – USA
What Have They Done to Solange? – USA
Who Killed Solange?
Who's Next



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