Corridor of Mirrors (1948)

96m (USA), 105m, 2886 metres
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British borderline horror film directed by Terence Young. It was originally released in London on 14 March 1948.

Plot Summary

Paul Mangin becomes obsessed with a young woman in a painting and suspects that he is the reincarnation of the girl's lover.


Directed by: Terence Young
Copyright by Apollo Films [date not given]
An Apollo film. A Cartier-Romney production for Apollo Films
Produced by: Rudolph Cartier
Production Managers: Sam Lee, Robert E. Sterne [uncredited
Screenplay by: Rudolph Cartier and Edana Romney
Inspired by the novel by: Chris Massey
Continuity: Ann Besserman
Director of Photography: Andre Thomas
Editor: Douglas Myers
Laboratories Éclair (Epinay-sur-Seine)
Music by: Georges Auric
Sound Recordist: J. S. Davie
Recorded on: System Radio-Cinéma-Cottet
Dresses Designed by: Owen Hyde-Clarke
Dresses Executed by: Maggie Rouff
Make-up Supervisor: Gerald Fairbank
Hairdressing Supervision: Mancini
Special Effects: Wilcke
Art Director: Terence Verity
[Made] At: The Studios Radio-Cinéma, Paris

Eric Portman (Paul Mangin)
Barbara Mullen (Veronica)
Hugh Sinclair (Owen Rhys)
Bruce Belfrage (Sir David Conway)
Joan Maude (Caroline Hart)
Leslie Weston (Mortimer)
Alan Wheatley (Edgar Orsen)
Edana Romney (Myfanwy Conway)
Hugh Latimer (Bing)
John Penrose (Brandy)
Christopher Lee (Charles)
Lois Maxwell (Lois)
Mavis Villiers (Babs)
Thora Hird (visitor in Tussaud's)
Valentine Dyall [counsel for defence]
Gordon Mcleod [public prosecutor]
Noel Howlett [psychiatrist]
Suzanne Gibbs [Gwendoline]

Alternative Titles

La extraña cita – Spain
Im Banne der Vergangenheit – Austria, Germany
Il mistero degli specchi – Italy
Die Spiegelgalerie – Austria



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