Congo (1995)

109m, 3120 metres
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
DTS, English

An American science fiction film directed by Frank Marshall.


A expedition to Africa in search of giant goes missing and a new team is assembled to find them. Among their number are a former CIA agent with her hi-tech gadgets and a scientist researching into ways to communicate with talking – and he's brought along his star pupil, Amy. They all run into the cause of the first group's disappearance – a race of savage white gorillas guarding the ruins of a lost city.


* = uncredited

Director: Frank Marshall
Paramount Pictures presents a The Kennedy/Marshall production
Executive Producer: Frank Yablans
Producers: Kathleen Kennedy, Sam Mercer
Script: John Patrick Shanley, Michael Backes *, Janet Scott Batchler *, Lee Batchler *, Michael Crichton *
Novel: Michael Crichton
Director of Photography: Allen Daviau
Editor: Anne V. Coates
Music/Conductor: Jerry Goldsmith
Sound Mixer: Ronald Judkins
Costume Designer: Marilyn Matthews
Make Up Supervisor: Christina Smith
Hair Department Supervisor: Stuart Artingstall
Special Make-up: Matthew W. Mungle, John E. Jackson
Special Effects Supervisor: Michael Lantieri
Special Visual Effects by: Industrial Light & Magic, A Division of Lucas Digital Ltd
Additional Special Visual Effects: Buena Vista Visual Effects; Banned from the Range
Production Designer: J. Michael Riva

Laura Linney (Dr Karen Ross)
Dylan Walsh (Dr Peter Elliot)
Ernie Hudson (Captain Munro)
Tim Curry (Herkermer Homolka)
Bruce Campbell (Charles Travis)
Taylor Nichols (Jeffrey Weems)
Adewale [real name: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje] (Kahega)
Grant Heslov (Richard)
Joe Don Baker (R.B. Travis)
Lorene Noh, Misty Rosas (Amy)
Mary Ellen Trainor (Moira)
Stuart Pankin (Boyd)
Carolyn Seymour (Eleanor Romy)
Romy Rosemont (assistant)
James Karen (college president)
Bill Pugin (William)
Lawrence T. Wrentz (Professor Arliss Wender)
Robert Almodovar (Rudy)
Kathleen Connors (Sally)
Joel Weiss (Travicom operator)
John Hawkes (Bob Driscoll)
Peter Jason (Mr Janus)
Jimmy Buffett (727 pilot)
James R. Paradise (transport worker 1)
William John Murphy (transport worker 2)

Alternative Titles

Congo – Wo der Mensch zur bedrohten Art wird – Germany
Kongo – Slovenia



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