Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us? (1999)

1 series, 2 episodes, average 50m

An American television documentary of genre interest directed by Starling Price, Ted Saad, Eric Taylor, Michael Whalen and David Vassar.


A documentary exploring the phenomenon of so-called ‘'. Alleged abductees and researchers are interviewed in an attempt to get at the truth behind the mystery.


Segment Directors: Starling Price, Ted Saad, Eric Taylor, Michael Whalen, David Vassar
NBC Studios, Mountain View Productions Inc
Senior Segment Producer: Hilary Roberts
Segment Producers: Eileen King, Chip Selby
Co-ordinating Producer: Thomas A. Nelson
Script: Starling Price
Additional Script: Stephen J. Abramson, Tim Rogan
Cinematographers: Kevin O'Brien. K. James Peterson, Robin Hirsch, Paul Desatoff
Editors: Dean Kekoolani, David Harris
Music: Nick Phoenix, Fred Rapoport
Host Make-up: Jori Jenae
Host Hair: Suzan Bagdadi
Host Costumer: Nadine Reimers
Alien Creatures: Steve Neill
Visual Effects: Area 51

Robert Davi (host)
Whitley Strieber
Roger Leir
Derrel W. Sims
Nasreen Babu-Khan
Robert K. Smith
Michael Lindemann
Heather Greenewald
John Greenewald
Lenore Greenewald
Philip J. Klass
Joe Nickell
William Cone
David M. Jacobs
Roy Anne Rudolph
Officer Stephen Remner
Sergeant Toby Meloro
Kenny Young
Lieutenant James Baker
James E. McGaha
Captain John Keytack

Recreation Actors
Patrick Howard (Jesse Long Jr)
Kyle Chambers (young Jesse Long Jr)
Randy Roberts (young John Long)