Condemned to Death (1932)

UK, 1931
35mm film, black and white
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Walter Forde.

Plot Summary

Judge Sir Charles Wallington is hypnotised from beyond the grave by a murderer he sentenced to be hanged. Compelled to kill those responsible for his conviction, the judge hires low lives Banting and Knudge to do his dirty work for him.


Director: Walter Forde
Twickenham Film Studios
Producer: Julius Hagen
Script: H. Fowler Mear, Bernard Merivale, Brock Williams
Play: Jack O'Lantern by James Dawson, George Goodchild
Assistant Director: Ronnie Philip *
Directors of Photography: Sydney Blythe, Billy Luff
Stills: Cyril Stanborough
Editor: Jack Harris
Sound: Baynham Honri
Art Director: James Carter
Studio: Twickenham Film Studios, England, UK

Arthur Wontner (Sir Charles Wallington)
Gillian Lind (Kate Banting)
Jane Welsh (Sonia Wallington)
Gordon Harker (Sam Knudge)
Cyril Raymond (Jim Wrench)
Norah Howard (Gwen Banting)
Edmund Gwenn (Banting)
Griffith Humphreys (Professor Michel)
Gordon Blythe (Ali)
James Cunningham (Inspector Sweeting)
Gilbert Davis (Dr Cornell)
Bernard Brunnel (Tobias Lantern)
St. Babe West (Rudolph Cantler)
Vincent Jerome

Alternative Titles

Jack O'Lantern



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