Conan the Barbarian (1981)

35mm film, colour, 2.39:1
mono, Todd-AO, English

An American fantasy film directed by John Milius.

Plot Summary

After his parents and entire village are wiped out by the forces of the evil cult leader Thulsa Doom, grows up in slavery, earns his freedom as a gladiator and determines to track down Doom and his snake-worshipping followers.


Directed by: John Milius
© 1981 Dino De Laurentiis Corporation
Dino De Laurentiis presents an Edward R. Pressman production
Executive Producers: D. Constantine Conte, Edward R. Pressman
Produced by: Buzz Feitshans, Raffaella De Laurentiis
Associate Producer: Ed Summer
Written by: John Milius, Oliver Stone
Based on the Character Created by: Robert E. Howard
Director of Photography: Duke Callaghan
Film Editor: C. Timothy O'Meara
Music Composed and Conducted by: Basil Poledouris
Sound Mixer: Jim Willis
Costume Designer: John Bloomfield
Make-Up & Hair Supervisor: José Antonio Sánchez
Special Effects Make-Up Supervisor: Carlo De Marchis
Special Effects Supervisor: Nick Allder
Special Visual Effects: Frank Van Der Veer
Animated Visual Effects by: Visual Concept Engineering, Peter Kuran
Production Designer: Ron Cobb
Casting by: Zoetrope Studios
This movie was shot entirely on location in Spain

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Conan)
James Earl Jones (Thulsa Doom)
Sandahl Bergman (Valeria)
Ben Davidson (Rexor)
Cassandra Gaviola (the witch)
Gerry Lopez (Subotai)
Mako (the wizard)
Valerie Quennessen (the princess)
William Smith (Conan's father)
Max von Sydow (King Osric)
Franco Columbu (Pictish scout)
Sven Ole Thorsen (Thorgrim)
Nadiuska (Conan's mother)
Jorge Sanz (young Conan)
Luis Barboo (Red Hair)
Leslie Foldvary (sacrificial snake girl)
Gary Herman (Osric's guard)
Erick Holmey (Turanian war officer)
Akio Mitamura (Mongol general)
Jack Taylor (priest)
Kiyoshi Yamasaki (sword master)

Alternative Titles

Barbar Conan – Czech, Slovakian title
Conan – barbaari – Finnish television title
Conan Barbaari – Finnish title
Conan barbaren – Danish, Swedish Finnish, Swedish title
Conan barbarin – Croatian title
Conan barbarul – Romanian title
Conan Barbarzyńca – Polish title
Conan e os Bárbaros – Portuguese title
Conan el Bárbaro – Spanish title
Conan il barbaro – Italian title
Conan le barbare – French title
Conan – Turkish title
Conan, a barbár – Hungarian title
Conan, der Barbar – German, West German title
Conan, el bárbaro – Argentine, Mexican, Peruvian, Spanish title
Conan, le barbare – French Canadian title
Conan, o Bárbaro – Brazilian title
Conan, o varvaros – Greek title
Conan: Barbaren – Norwegian title
Konan varvarin – Serbian Yugoslavian title
Konan za gurêto – Japanese title
Konanas – barbaras – Lithuanian title
Κόναν, ο Βάρβαρος – Greek title
Конан варварин – Serbian title
Конан варварина – Bulgarian title
Конан-варвар – Russian, Ukrainian title
コナン・ザ・グレート – Japanese title
王者之劍 – Taiwanese title

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