Communion (1976)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Alfred Sole.

Plot Summary

12 year old Alice Spages feels left out when her younger sister Karen gets all the attention from her mother. When Karen is murdered in a church, Alive is the obvious suspect.


Director: Alfred Sole
© Harristown Funding Ltd. [no year given]
Richard K. Rosenberg and Alfred Sole present
Producer: Richard K. Rosenberg
Original Screenplay: Rosemary Ritvo, Alfred Sole
Film Editor: Edward Salier
Music by: Stephen Lawrence
Sound: Mark Salwasser
Costume Design: Michelle Cohen
Makeup: Anne Paul, Karen Sole
Hairstyles: Barbara Battagliese, Larry Panucci
Special Effects: Illusions, Inc.
Production Design: John Lawless

Linda Miller (Catherine Spages)
Mildred Clinton (Mrs Tredoni)
Paul Sheppard (Alice Spages)
Niles McMaster (Dom Spages)
Jane Lowry (Aunt Annie Deloranzo)
Rudolph Willrich (Father Tom)
Michael Hardstark (Detective Spina)
Alphonso De Noble (Mr Alphonso)
Gary Allen (Jim Delorenzo)
Brooke Shields (Karen Spages)
Louisa Horton (Dr Whitman)
Tom Signorelli (Detective Brennan)
Antonino Rocca (the funeral director)
Lillian Roth (pathologist) [credited in the opening titles as Miss Lillian Roth]
Patrick Gorman (Father Pat)
Kathy Rich (Angela Delorenzo)
Ted Tinling (Detective Cranston)
Mary Boylan (mother superior)
Peter Bosche (monsignor)
Joseph Rossi (Father Joe)

Alternative Titles

Alice dolce Alice – Comunione con delitti – Italy (television)
Alice Sweet Alice – France, Norway, USA (alternative)
Alice, Alice…! – Finland
Alice, édes Alice! – Hungary
Alicia, dulce Alicia – Peru, Spain (DVD)
Alicjo, slodka Alicjo – Poland
Communion – Messe des Grauens – West Germany
Comunhão – Brazil
Comunión – Spain (video)
Comunione con delitti – Italy
Elis, slatka Elis – Serbia
Hellig terror – Norway (video)
Holy Terror – West Germany (reissue), USA (alternative)
A Máscara da Morte – Portugal
La máscara del crimen – Mexico
El rostro de la muerte – Spain
Sweet Alice – Sweden



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