Comedy Playhouse: Elementary My Dear Watson: The Strange Case of the Dead Solicitors (1973)

UK, 18 January
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Comedy Playhouse (1961-1974)

A British fantasy television episode.

Plot Summary

In 1973, an out-of-time investigates the curse of the Bellingham-Datchett family and finds an unlikely connection between Fu Manchu, five dead solicitors and the cast of the comedy panel show Call My Bluff (1965-2004).


Directed by: Harold Snoad
Produced by: Barry Took
Written by: N.F. Simpson
Studio Lighting: George Summers
Film Cameraman: Len Newson
Film Editor: Mike Crisp
Music by: Burt Rhodes
Film Recordist: Les Collins
Studio Sound: John Delaney
Visual Effects: John Friedlander
Costume: Marjorie Lewis
Make Up: Penny Norton
Design by: Raymond Cusick

John Cleese (Sherlock Holmes)
William Rushton (Dr Watson)
Bill Maynard (Frank Potter (alias Moriarty))
Josephine Tewson (Lady Cynthia)
Norman Bird (Inspector Street)
Chic Murray (the constable)
Larry Martyn (Fu Manchu)
John Wells (the prime minister)
Michael Gover (Superintendent Truscott)
Michael Knowles (Rupert)
Helen Lambert (secretary)
Rosemary Lord (Mabel)
Ivor Salter (airport loader)
Rose Hill (the lady)
Colin Bean (newsboy)
Gordon Faith (security man)
Frank Muir, Dawn Addams, Alan Coren, Patrick Campbell, Morag Hood, John Carson (Call My Bluff contestants)
Robert Robinson (Call My Bluff referee)



  • Radio Times 13-19 January 1973 pp.6-7; 50 – illustrated article (Do you like my teeth by Sue Read); illustrated credits