Coma (1978)

104m (USA – theatrical), 113m (USA – TCM library print)
35mm film, “filmed in Metrocolor”, 1.37:1 (negative ratio), 1.85:1 (intended ratio)
stereo, English

An American science fiction film directed by Michael Crichton.

Plot Summary

Dr Susan Wheeler discovers that a number of relatively healthy patients at her hospital are suddenly going into after suffering “complications” during what should have been straightforward operations. The patients are removed to a sinister special clinic where they simply disappear.


Directed by: Michael Crichton
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents a Martin Erlichman production. A Michael Crichton film. Presented by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Produced by: Martin Erlichman
Screenplay by: Michael Crichton
Based on the Novel by: Robin Cook
Director of Photography: Victor J. Kemper
Editor: David Bretherton
Music: Jerry Goldsmith
Sound: Bill Griffith, William McCaughey, Michael J. Kohut, Aaron Rochin
Wardrobe: Eddie Marks, Yvonne Kubis
Makeup: Don Schoenfeld
Hairdresser: Carolyn Ferguson
Special Effects: Joe Day
Production Designer: Albert Brenner
Locations: Beacon Hill, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Boston City Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Chet Holifield Federal Building, Laguna Niguel, California, USA; Holiday Inn, Somerville, Massachusetts, USA; Lexington, Massachusetts, USA; Mass. General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA [all uncredited]

Genevieve Bujold (Dr Susan Wheeler)
Michael Douglas (Dr Mark Bellows)
Elizabeth Ashley (Mrs Emerson)
Rip Torn (Dr George)
Richard Widmark (Dr [George A.] Harris)
Lois Chiles (Nancy Greenly)
Lance Le Gault (Vince)
Harry Rhodes (Dr Morelind)
Gary Barton (computer technician)
Frank Downing (Kelly)
Richard Doyle (Jim)
Alan Haufrect (Dr Marcus)
Michael MacRae (chief resident)
Betty McGuire (nurse)
Tom Selleck (Sean Murphy)
Charles Siebert (Dr Goodman)
William Wintersole (lab technician)
Ernest Anderson (first doctor)
Harry Basch (second doctor)
Maury Cooper (third doctor)

Alternative Titles

Coma profondo – Italian title
Kóma – Hungarian title
Koma – Swedish title
Kooma – Finnish title
Morts suspectes – French title

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