Colonel March of Scotland Yard: The Abominable Snowman (1955)

UK, 1 October
35mm film, black and white, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Colonel March of Scotland Yard (1955-1956) – series 1, episode 2

A British fantasy television episode directed by Bernard Knowles. Walt Lee's mis-identifies it as a non-fiction film.

Plot Summary

A group of Britsh mountain climbers are menaced by what appears to be a yeti after they release film they shot in the Himalayas of the reature's tracks.


Directed by: Bernard Knowles
Fountain Films in association with Panda Productions
Produced by: Hannah Weinstein
Written by: Leslie Slote
Based on “The Department of Queer Complaints” by: Carter Dickson [real name: John Dickson Carr]
Director of Photography: Lionel Banes
Editor: Thelma Connell
Music by: Edwin Astley
Wardrobe: Irma Birch
Make-up: Michael Morris
Hair Stylist: Bill Griffiths
Art Director: Cedric Dawe

Boris Karloff (Colonel Perceval March)
Ewan Roberts (Inspector Ames)
Doris Nolan (Mary Gray)
Ivan Craig (Osborne)
Olaf Pooley (Carlmeddy)
Alec Mango (Narbu)
Peter Bathurst (Major)


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