Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

35mm film, 70mm film (blow-up), filmed in Panavision, Metrocolor, 2.35:1
Dolby System, English
Reviewed on The EOFFTV Review

An American science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg. It has been re-released twice since in two different versions, the “Special Edition” in 1980 (which shortened some sequences but added the discovery of the SS Cotopaxi in the Gobi Desert and a sequence at the end of the film set inside the alien mothership) and as the “Collector's Edition” in 1998 (which restored the USAF press conference removed from the “Special Edition” and removed the mothership interior).

Plot Summary

A group of and a handful of unrelated civilians are touched by a series of UFO encounters around the world. One civilian, Roy Neary, becomes obsessed with a vision of a mountain which he soon identifies as The Devil's Tower in Wyoming. Neary, the scientists and dozens of other civilians similarly haunted by the strange visions converge on the mountain to await Mankind's first face-to-face contact with an alien race.


Directed by: Steven Spielberg
© 1977 Columbia Pictures Industries Inc.
A Columbia presentation in association with EMI. A Julia Phillips & Michael Phillips production
Produced by: Julia Phillips and Michael Phillips
Written by: Steven Spielberg; Paul Schrader [uncredited]
Director of Photography: Vilmos Zsigmond
Editor: Michael Kahn, Steven Spielberg [uncredited]
Music by: John Williams
Production Sound Mixer: Gene Cantamesa
Wardrobe Supervisor: Jim Linn
Make-up Supervisor: Bob Westmoreland
Hairdresser: Edie Panda
Realization of ‘Extraterrestrial' by: Carlo Rambaldi
Special Photographic Effects by: Douglas Trumbull
Production Designer: Joe Alves

Richard Dreyfuss (Roy Neary)
François Truffaut as [Claude] Lacombe
Teri Garr (Ronnie Neary)
Melinda Dillon (Jillian Guiler)
Cary Guffey as Barry Guiler
Bob Balaban (David Laughlin)
Roberts Blossom (farmer)
Merrill Connally (team leader)
George DiCenzo (Major Benchley)
Lance Henriksen (Robert)
Warren Kemmerling (Wild Bill)
J. Patrick McNamara (project leader)
Philip Dodds (Jean Claude)
Phil Dodds (ARP musician) 1Philip Dodds is credited twice in the end credits with slightly different spellings of his name and very different character names. In the original shooting script “Jean Claude” and “ARP musician” were different characters but were combined during filming. At the time Dodds was an employee of ARP Instruments Inc and was hired to install and program the ARP 2500 synthesizer used by the scientists to communicate with the . Spielberg liked the way he looked so hired him to play the technician operating the synthesizer.
Shawn Bishop (Brad Neary)
Adrienne Campbell (Sylvia Neary)
Justin Dreyfuss (Toby Neary)
Amy Douglass, Alexander Lockwood (implantees)
Gene Dynarski (Ike)
Mary Gafrey (Mrs Harris)
Norman Bartold (Ohio tolls)


Alternative Titles

Bliski susreti trece vrste – Serbia
Bliskie spotkania trzeciego stopnia – Poland
Blizka setkani tretiho druhu – Czechoslovakia
The Close Encounter of the Third Kind – working title
Contatos Imediatos do Terceiro Grau – Brazil, Portugal
Encontres a la tercera fase – Spain (Catalan )
Encontros Imediatos do 3º Grau – Portugal
Encuentros cercanos del tercer tipo – Argentina, Peru
Encuentros Cercanos del Tercer Tipo – Mexico
Encuentros en la tercera fase – Spain
Encuentros en la tercera fase: Edición especial – Spain (reissue)
Harmadik típusú találkozások – Hungary
Incontri ravvicinati del terzo tipo – Italy
Kolmannen asteen yhteys – Finland
Michi tono sôgû – Japan
Nærkontakt af tredie grad – Denmark, Norway
Närkontakt av tredje graden – Finland (Swedish), Sweden
Rencontres du troisième type – France, French Canada
The Special Edition: Close Encounters of the Third Kind – reissue title
Stenes epafes tritou typou – Greece
Stenes epafes tritou typou: Special ekdosi – Greece (reissue)
Tehlikeli iliskiler – Turkey
Unheimliche Begegnung der dritten Art – West Germany
Unheimliche Begegnung der dritten Art – Die neue Version – West Germany (reissue)
Watch the Skies – working title

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Production Notes

The special effects team added a miniature of R2-D2 from Star Wars (1977) to the underside of the alien mothership. It's briefly visible hanging upside down as the ship rises over the Devil's Tower mountain.

In the UK, the Special Edition version was given a press screening for the purposes of registration under the Films Act 1960.


Initially, critics seemed unsure of what to make of Close Encounters and although it was generally positively received, critical opinion was sometimes contradictory. For example, in Variety “Murf” commented that “the first 100 minutes, however are somewhat redundant in exposition and irritating in tone” 2Variety 9 November 1977 p.16 while Monthly Film Bulletin‘s Richard Combs believed that “before it succumbs in the second half to a tone of awed, quasi-religious uplift (efficiently packaged as the ‘Force' in Star Wars), and to a plot borrowed from the most complacent science fiction of the Fifties, Close Encounters of the Third Kind is a startlingly innovative blockbuster.” 3Monthly Film Bulletin vol.45 no.531 (April 1978) pp.63-64 Murf went on to praise the effects which they believed were “superbly realized” but was unimpressed by what he called the film's “audio cacophony” and the “frenzied acting of the principals” before concluding that “the denouement is light years ahead of the climactic nonsense of Stanley Kubrick's 2001 – A Space Odyssey but that it “lacks the warmth and humanity of George Lucas' “Star Wars.”” Combs criticised what he saw as a tendency for Spielberg's films “from Duel onwards” to have “details of plot, character and setting [that] have a peculiarly blank, unmediated quality.” He criticised the lack of “discussion here – or analysis at any level – of the UFO phenomenon as such,” though ultimately conceded that it was “a joy to watch, anchoring its unimaginable events in the most ordinary settings imaginable, producing a peculiar frisson that is part poetic, part comic.” Bill Kelley, writing in Cinefantastique, felt that “the human factor in Spielberg's screenplay is, well, boring” and that “once the initial suspense is satisfied, there is not much else going-on.” 4Cinefantastique vol.7 no.2 (Summer 1978) pp.30-31; 36 He did, however, note that “its major asset in terms of credibility is that its visual pyrotechnics are incidental to the narrative, not the whole raison d'etre. lt's a praiseworthy approach – especially compared to the human stick-figures of Star Wars.”

Of the “Special Edition“, Todd McCarthy in Variety 5Variety 6 August 1980 pp.22, 33 wrote that: “Pervasive feeling left by this new cut, which doesn't substantively alter achievement, impact or meaning of the film, is that this is the film writer-director Steven Spielberg would have made in the first place, given sufficient time in the editing stage. As most of the changes are of a streamlining nature, it is doubtful whether audiences will, with two or three exceptions, be able to tell this version from the previous one.” He felt that audiences tempted by the promise of “more contact with the aliens inside the Mother Ship, will undoubtedly feel let down.”

In 2001, again in Variety, Scott Hettrick felt that “Spielberg's Capraesque view of alien encounters holds up less well over time because it is so focused on the special effects-laden final encounter. Although that generated awe in 1977, it lost much of its surprise appeal after the first viewing and has become far less powerful with the advancement of special effects since.” 6Variety no.383 (28 May-3 June 2001) pp.23-24



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