Clash of the Titans (1981)

35mm film, Dynarama, “prints in Metrocolor”
“recorded in Dolby Stereo”, English

A British fantasy film directed by Desmond Davis.

Plot Summary

Perseus, son of Zeus, is due to marry the Princess Andromeda when she's taken to be sacrificed in order to appease the sea monster , awoken by the evil Calibos and his mother, the Goddess Thetis. Perseus must track down the dreaded Gorgon whose head can turn men to stone and is the only thing that can kill the Kraken.


Directed by: Desmond Davis
© 1981 Titan Productions
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents a Charles H. Schneer production
Produced by: Charles H. Schneer and Ray Harryhausen
Associate Producer: John Palmer
Italian Production Supervisor: Mario Pisani
Spanish Production Supervisor: Luis Roberts
Written by: Beverly Cross
1st Assistant Director: Anthony Waye
2nd Assistant Director: Gerry Gavigan, Terry Madden
Continuity: Doreen Soan
Director of Photography: Ted Moore
Camera Operator: Mike Roberts
Underwater and Aerial Cameraman: Egil S. Woxholt
Focus Puller: Tony Gaudioz
Clapper Loader: Mike Bulley
Chief Electrician: John May
Camera Grip: Jimmy Spoard
Still Photographer: Keith Hamshere
Editor: Timothy Gee
Assistant Editor: Christopher Thompson
Processing by: Rank Film Laboratories
Music by: Laurence Rosenthal
Orchestration by: Herbert W. Spencer
Music Performed by: The London Symphony Orchestra
Music Editor: Robin Clarke
Sound Mixer: Robin Gregory
Boom Operator: Terry Sharrat
Sound Effects Editor: Terry Poulton
Chief Dubbing Mixer: Gordon K. McCallum
Dubbing Mixers: Graham V. Hartstone, Nicolas Le Mesurier
Costume Designer: Emma Porteous
Masks: Colin Arthur
Wardrobe Supervisor: Keith Denny
Wardrobe Mistress: Helen Gill
Make-Up: Basil Newall, Connie Reeve
Hair Stylist: Stephanie Kaye
Floor/Physical Effects: Brian Smithies
Creator of Special Visual Effects: Ray Harryhausen
Assistants to Ray Harryhausen: Jim Danforth, Steven Archer
Special Miniatures: Cliff Culley
Blue Screen Technician: Dennis Bartlett
Special Opticals: Frank Van Der Veer, Roy Field
Titles: Camera Effects
Production Designer: Frank White
Art Directors: Don Picton, Peter Howitt, Giorgio Desideri, Fernando Gonzalez
Set Dresser: Harry Cordwell
Production Buyer: David Lusby
Construction Manager: Bill McLaren, Robert Cross
Model Makers: Janet Stevens, Colin Chilvers
Production Accountant: George Marshall
Production Assistant: Norma Hazelden
Unit Publicist: Ann Tasker
Made at Pinewood Studios, London, England and on location in Spain, Italy and in Malta in co-operation with Mediterranean Film Facilities
Location Manager: Bryan CoatesStunt Co-Ordinator: Ferdinando Poggi
Casting: Irene Lamb, Sam Christensen & Joyce Robinson

[opening credits]
Harry Hamlin as Perseus
Judi Bowker as Andromeda
Burgess Meredith (Ammon)
Maggie Smith (Thetis)
Ursula Andress (Aphrodite)
Claire Bloom (Hera)
Siân Phillips
Flora Robson (Stygian witch)
Laurence Olivier as Zeus
Tim Pigott-Smith (Thallo)
Neil McCarthy (Calibos)
Susan Fleetwood (Athena)
Anna Manahan (Stygian witch)
Freda Jackson (Stygian Witch)

[Closing Credits]
The Immortals
Laurence Olivier (Zeus)
Claire Bloom (Hera)
Maggie Smith (Thetis)
Ursula Andress (Aphrodite)
Jack Gwillim (Poseidon)
Susan Fleetwood (Athena)
Pat Roach (Hephaestus)

The Mortals
Harry Hamlin as Perseus
Judi Bowker as Andromeda
Burgess Meredith (Ammon)
Siân Phillips (Cassiopeia)
Flora Robson, Anna Manahan, Freda Jackson (Stygian witches)
Tim Pigott-Smith (Thallo)
Neil McCarthy (Calibos)
Donald Houston (Acrisius)
Vida Taylor (Danae)
Harry Jones (huntsman)

The Mythologicals, as themselves in alphabetical order


Alternative Titles

Kampf der Titanen
Scontro di titani
– Italian title

Clash of the Titans (2010)

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Clapperboard: Clash of the Titans (1981)


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