Circus of Horrors (1960)

UK, 1959
88m (USA), 92m
“in Eastmancolour”
mono, English
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A British horror film directed by Sidney Hayers. It was the second in the loosely linked “Sadean trilogy” produced by Julian Wintle and Leslie Parkyn. Production began on 29 October 1959 1Variety 2 December 1959 p.20

Plot Summary

Dr Schuler is a mad plastic surgeon who screws up an operation and is forced to flee in disgrace to France where he buys a run down, one-ring circus. He populates the sideshows and main attractions with a number of disfigured women and derelicts whose features he reassembles to mirror the models in famous paintings. If they try to leave, he has them brutally killed before a howling and appreciative audience who believe that it’s all just part of the show. But, back in Blighty, Schuler’s original victim, Evelyn has recovered and by chance, encounters her tormentor at his Gallic hideout and begins to plot revenge…


Directed by: Sidney Hayers
© Lynx Films Limited MCMLX [1960]
Nat Cohen & Stuart Levy present a Julian Wintle Leslie Parkyn production
Associate Producer: Norman Priggen
Production Manager: Charles Permane
Original Screenplay by: George Baxt
Assistant Director: David Orton
Continuity: June Randall
Director of Photography: Douglas Slocombe
Camera Operator: Chic Waterson
Film Editor: Reginald Mills
Processed by: Rank Laboratories (Denham) Limited
Music by: Franz Reizenstein and Muir Mathieson
The Song “Look for a Star” by: Mark Anthony [real name: Tony Hatch]
Sung by: Garry Mills
Sound Recordist: Len Page
Re-recording: Ken Cameron
RCA Sound System
Sound Editor: Lionel Selwyn *
Costumes: Morris Angel
Wardrobe: Vi Murray
Make-up: Trevor Crole-Rees
Hair Stylist: Maud Onslow
Titles by: Gil Kirk
Art Director: Jack Shampan
Made at: Independent Artists Studios, Beaconsfield, London, England
The producers acknowledge with greatful thanks the co-operation and facilities given for the making of this film by Billy Smart’s Circus

Anton Diffring (Dr Rossiter/Bernard Schuler)
Erika Remberg (Elissa Caro)
Yvonne Monlaur (Nicole Vanet)
Donald Pleasence (Vanet)
Jane Hylton (Angela)
Conrad Phillips (Inspector Arthur Desmond)
Kenneth Griffith (Martin)
Vanda Hudson (Magda von Meck)
Yvonne Romain (Melina)
Colette Wilde (Evelyn Morley Finsbury)
Jack Gwillim (Supt Andrews)
John Merivale (Edward Finsbury)
Carla Challoner (Nicole (as a child))
Peter Swanwick (Inspector Knopf)
William Mervyn (Dr Morley)
Chris Christian [ringmaster – uncredited]
Malcolm Watson [murdered Frenchman – uncredited]
Walter Gotell [Baron Von Gruber – uncredited]
Jack Carson [Chief Eagle Eye – uncredited]
Kenneth J. Warren [1st roustabout – uncredited]
Fred Haggerty [2nd roustabout – uncredited]
Sasha Coco [Luis – uncredited]
Glyn Houston [carnival barker – uncredited]
Kenny Baker [dwarf – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Il circo degli orrori – Italian title
Phantom of the Circus
Der Rote Schatten – German title

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Production Notes

To help promote the film on its original release, star Anton Diffring accompanied Cliff Elson of the ABC chain of cinemas to a screening at the Savoy cinema in Brighton on June 16 1960.


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