Christmas Spirits (1981)

UK, 1 January 1981
colour, videotape, 16mm film, 4:3
mono, English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

American location scout Julia Myerson is on the lookout for a suitable location for a forthcoming horror film. She thinks she’s found it in the shape of Glebes Hall, home of bickering upper class couple Angela and Charles Aintrey. The couple have hit upon hard times and are only too pleased to let Myerson stay in the house overnight while they go to visit Angela’s aunt, leaving only haughty housekeeper Mrs Purvis for company. But the house has a history – a young boy murdered his sister one Christmas Eve after she mutilated one of his pets and, distraught by his crime, he killed himself a few years later. Left alone in the house, Myerson finds herself locked in, hearing strange childish laughter, terrified by a pair of very creepy dolls in the nursery…

Plot Summary

A film producer searches for locations for a horror film and finds herself haunted by ghosts.


Director: June Wyndham-Davies
Granada Television
Executive Producer: Michael Cox
Producer: June Wyndham-Davies
Production Manager: Bill Leather
[Written] By: Willis Hall
Lighting Cameraman: Mike Thomson
Film Editor: Don Kelly
Film Sound: Nick Steer
Designer: Stephen Fineren
Production Assistant: Vicki Standeven
Floor Manager: Les Davis

Elaine Stritch (Julia Myerson)
Stephanie Cole (Mrs Purvis)
Norma West (Angela Antry)
Ben Aris (Charles Antry)


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