Chosen Survivors (1974)

USA, Mexico,
35mm film, Technicolor
stereo, English
Reviewed at The

An American/Mexican science fiction film directed by Sutton Roley.


A group of people are sent to an bunker when breaks out. They're meant to stay there until the radiation levels drop, but no-one foresaw that a swarm of ravenous vampire would get into the complex and start killing the chosen survivors.


Directed by: Sutton Roley
© MCMLXXIV Metromedia Producers Corporation
Metromedia Producers Corporation presents an Alpine Production in association with Churubusco Studios
Production Executive: Art Stolnitz
Produced by: Charles Fries & Leon Benson
Production Manager: Joe Wonder
Unit Manager: Russell Saunders
Assistant Unit Manager: Alberto Ferrer
Screenplay by: H.B. Cross, Joe Reb Moffly
Story by: H.B. Cross
Assistant Director: Felipe Palomino
Script Supervisor: Jose Luis Ortega
Director of Photography: Gabriel Torres
Camera Operator: Leonardo Sánchez
Chief Electrician: Gabriel Castro
Key Grip: Graciano Perez
Editors: John F. Link II, Dennis Virkler
Post Production Supervisor: Gary Gerlich
Music Composed and Performed by: Fred Karlin
Music Editor: John Mick
Sound Recording Supervisor: Robert J. Litt
Sound Mixer: Rafael Ruiz Esparza
Sound Re-Recordist: Richard Portman
Sound Effects: Paul Laune
Costumer: Alfonso Rubio
Makeup: Elda Loza
Hair: Ma. De Jesus Lepe
Special Effects: Federico Farfan
Special Bat Effects: Tony Urbano
Special Photographic Effects: Westheimer Company; Van der Veer Photo Effects
Art Director: José Rodríguez Granada
Set Decorator: Ernesto Carrasco
Prop Master: Antonio Mata
Location Auditor: Bob Thorson
Production Administrator: Elliot Friedgen
Creative Affairs Executive: Willis Grant
Vampire Bat Consultants and Trainers: Dr. G. Clay Mitchell, USAID, Mexico; William Lopez Forment C.
Casting: Hoyt Bowers

Jackie Cooper (Raymond Couzins)
Alex Cord (Steven Mayes)
Richard Jaeckel (Gordon Ellis)
Bradford Dillman (Peter Macomber)
Pedro Armendariz Jr. (Luis Cabral)
Diana Muldaur as Alana Fitzgerald
Lincoln Kilpatrick (Wood Russo)
Gwenn Mitchell (Carrie Draper)
Barbara Babcock (Lenore Chrisman)
Christina Moreno (Kristin Lerner)
Nancy Rodman (Claire Farraday)
Kelly Lange (Mary Louise Borden)

Alternative Titles

Fladdermössen – Sweden
Los sobrevivientes elegidos – Spain
Los sobrevivientes escogidos – Mexico



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