Choke Canyon (1984)

The Netherlands, 1984
35mm film, Technicolor, 2.35:1
Dolby Stereo, English

A Dutch science fiction film directed by Charles Bail.

Plot Summary

Physicist David Lowell is leasing his impressive laboratory space at Choke Canyon from the Pilgrim Corporation. But then Pilgrim want the space back for the storage of dangerous toxic waste and Lowell has a fight on his hands to keep his valuable workspace…


Directed by: Charles Bail
Copyright original 1984 Chesham Investments N.V.
Brouwersgracht Investments B.V.
An Ovidio G. Assonitis production. A Chuck Bail film
Executives in Charge of Production: Mario Cotone, Aldo Passalacqua
A film produced by Ovidio G. Assonitis
Associate Producer: Peter Shepherd
Written by: Sheila Goldberg, Ovidio G. Assonitis, Alfonso Brescia
Director of Photography: Dante Spinotti
Film Editor: Roberto Silvi
Music by: Sylvester Levay
Sound Mixer: Tony Testa
Costume Designer: Michaela Gisotti
Mechanical Special Effects: Bob McCarthy, John Corridori, Lou Carlucci, Gino De Rossi
Visual Effects & Miniatures: Albatriss Visual & Opticals, Inc.
Production Designer: Frank Vanorio

Stephen Collins ([Dr] David [Lowell])
Janet Julian (Vanessa [Pilgrim])
Lance Henriksen ([Brook] Alastair)
Bo Svenson (Captain [Oliver Parkside])
Victoria Racimo (Rachel)
Nicholas Pryor ([John] Pilgrim)
Robert Hoy (Buck)
Walter Robles (Jim)
Michael Gates (security guard #1)
Ted Petersen (security guard #3)
Mark Baer (Orrin)
Kurt Woodruff (Crane)
Michael Flynn (Governor)
Sherry Sailer (Mrs Pilgrim)
Marc Di Nunzio (security guard #2)
Alan Gregory Greenwood (Pilgrim’s secretary)
Frank Kanig (reporter #1)
John Fountain (man in crowd)
Jill Freeman (woman in crowd)
Mitchell Scott Thompson (technician)
Emmet Larimer (Uncle Charles)
Robert Conder (reporter #2)
Glory Fioramonti (passenger)
Denver Mattson (truck driver)

Alternative Titles

Der Einsame Kämpfer – West Germany
Energia pulita – Italy
On Dangerous Ground
På farlig mark
– Sweden
Vaarallisella maaperällä
– Finland
Vale Radioactivo – Portugal