Chocky (1984)

UK, 9 January 1984-13 February 1984
1 series, 6 episodes, average 25m
colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British science fiction television series based on the novel by John Wyndham.


David and Mary Gore are becoming concerned about their son Matthew whose behaviour has started to change. His schoolwork has improved, he’s become far more inquisitive and he’s developing new skills. Matthew has been possessed by Chocky, an alien being that has come to Earth to learn more about humans.


Directors: Vic Hughes, Christopher Hodson
Thames Television
Executive Producer: Pamela Lonsdale
Producer: Vic Hughes
Script: Anthony Read
Novel: John Wyndham
Script Consultant: Richard Bates
Lighting Director: Keith Reed
Cameras: Albert Almond, Adrian J. Fearnley
Film Camera: Alan Jonas
Videotape Editor: Colin Bocking
Vision Continuity: Allan James, Bill Marley
Vision Mixer: Peter Boffin, Peter Phillips
Film Editor: Oscar Webb
Music: John Hyde
Sound: Brian Moray
Film Sound: Stan Clarke
Film Dubbing Mixers: Terry Hill, Tony Chapman
Costumes: June Cannon
Make-up: Pearl Rashbass
Designer: David Richens
Graphic Designer: John Stamp
Studio Supervisor: Brian Kerr
Floor Manager: Kerry Mann
Stage Manager: Diana Paskin
Production Assistants: Michele Buck, Helen Gellatly
Location Manager: Derek Cotty
Casting Director: Pat O’Connell

James Hazeldine (David Gore)
Carol Drinkwater (Mary Gore)
Andrew Ellams (Matthew Gore)
Zoe Hart (Polly Gore)
Glynis Brooks (voice of Chocky)
Peter John Bickford (Roger)
James Greene (Mr Trimble)
Kelita Groom (Jane)
Lynne Pearson (Miss Blayde)
Patrick Blackwell (boatman)
Jeremy Bulloch (Landis)
Gary Raynsford (policeman)
Leo Dolan (postman)
Deborah Fairfax (girl reporter)
John Grillo (Sir William Thorbe)
Janet Henfrey (cranky woman)
Gary Watson (radio reporter)
Martyn Lewis (newsreader)
John Pennington (Inspector Maggs)

Chocky’s Children (1985)
Chocky’s Challenge (1985)


9 January 1984
16 January 1984
23 January 1984
30 January 1984
6 February 1984
13 February 1984



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