Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things (1972)

USA, 1971
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Bob Clark using the name Benjamin Clark.

Plot Summary

A group of actors travel to a remote island where they act out a strange ritual in a graveyard. But the ritual revives the dead and they’re soon being pursued by flesh-eating zombies.


Directed by: Benjamin Clark [real name: Bob Clark]
© 1972 Midnight Owl, Inc.
Geneni Film Distributing Co. presents a Brandywine/Motionarts film
Produced by: Gary Goch and Benjamin Clark [real name: Bob Clark]
Written by: Benjamin Clark [real name: Bob Clark]
Screenplay Collaboration: Alan Ormsby
Director of Photography: Jack McGowan
Film Editor: Gary Goch
Musical Score: Carl Zittrer
Sound Recording: Location Recording Co
Costumer: Bruce Solomon
Make-Up: Lee James O’Donnell, Benita Friedman, Judy Whalen
Special Make-Up Created by: Alan Ormsby
Art Director: Forest Carpenter
Locations: Miami, Florida, USA

Alan Ormsby (Alan)
Valerie Mamches (Val)
Jeffrey Gillen (Jeff)
Anya Ormsby (Anya)
Paul Cronin (Paul)
Jane Daly (Terry)
Roy Engleman (Roy)
Robert Philip (Emerson)
Seth Sklarey (Orville Dunworth)
Bruce Solomon (Winns)
Alecs Baird (caretaker)
Robert Sherman, Curtis Bryant, Robert Smedley, Debbie Cummins, Gordon Gilbert, Peter Burke, Chester Phebus, Stuart Mitchell, Leo O’Donnell, Jack Sohmer, Sandra Laurie, Camille MacDonald, Brendan Kenny, Jean Clark, Al McAdams, Jane McAdams, Stephanie Solomon, Carl Richardson, Jerry Hoffer, Paula Hoffer, Andy Herbst, Trey Ward, Harry Boehme (ghouls)

Alternative Titles

L’assedio dei morti viventi – Italy
Revenge of the Living Dead – USA (re-release)
Things from the Dead – USA (re-release)
Things from the Grave – working title
Zombie Graveyard – Sweden
Zreaks – working title

Extracts included in
Fright Night (1985)
Mad Ron’s Prevues from Hell (1987)



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