Children of the Dog Star (1984)

New Zealand, UK, 1984
1 series, 6 episodes, average 25m

A New Zealand/British science fiction television series.


While on holiday at her uncle’s farm in New Zealand, Gretchen meets Maori boy Ronny and Bevis, The son of a much hated property developer. Bevis’ dad wants to drain a local swamp which carries a traditional Maori tapu
or curse which, in turn, is protected by Ronny’s uncle. The local Maoris believe that something lies dormant in the swamp, something that should never be allowed to wake. The children gradually discover that the “something” in question is a sentient alien craft from Sirius named Kolob…


Director: Chris Bailey
Television New Zealand, Thames Television International
Producer: Caterina de Nave
Script: Ken Catran
Music: Matthew Brown
Designer: Donald Sutherland

Sarah Dunn (Gretchen Kierney)
Jason Wallace (Ronny Kepa)
Hamish Bartle (Bevis Elliott)
Roy Billing (Donald Kierney)
Susan Wilson (Kathleen Kierney)
Catherine Wilkin (Helen Elliott)
Ray Hawthorne (Herbert Mitchell)
David McKenzie (Vic Mitchell)
Zac Wallace (Mataui Kepa)
Whatanui Skipwith (Hemi)
John Mellor (Constable Ben Willis)
Rodney Newman, Dennis Gubb (Sirusians)

Alternative Titles

Närkontakt – yttre rymden – Sweden


The Brass Daisy
Power Stop
Swamp Light
Alien Summons
Alien Contact



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