Child of Darkness Child of Light (1991)

USA, 1 May 1991
35mm film, colour, 1.33:1
mono, English

An American television horror film directed by Marina Sargenti.

Plot Summary

A priest investigates two alleged virgin births, one the son of God, the other the son of the Devil.


Directed by: Marina Sargenti
© 1991 Wilshire Court Productions, Inc.
G.C. Group in association with Wilshire Court Productions
Produced by: Paul Tucker
Co-producer: Brian Taggert
Teleplay by: Brian Taggert
Based on the Novel Virgin by: James Patterson
Director of Photography: Tobias Schliessler
Film Editor: Glenn A. Morgan
Music by: Jay Gruska
Sound Mixer: Rick Waddell
Costume Designer: Brenda Ranes
Make-up: E. Larry Day
Hair Stylist: Jacqueline Bordeaux
Special Effects: Roy Downey
Production Designer: Shay Austin

Anthony John Denison (Father O’Carroll)
Brad Davis (Dr Phinney)
Paxton Whitehead (Father Rosetti)
Claudette Nevins (Lenore Beavier)
Sydney Penny (Margaret Gallagher)
Kristin Dattilo (Kathleen Beavier)
Alan Oppenheimer (George Beavier)
Eric Christmas (Father Francesca)
Richard McKenzie (Father Guarini)
Viveca Lindfors as Ida Walsh
Sela Ward as Sister Anne
Joshua Lucas (John L. Jordan III)
John DeMita (Vatican priest)
Mark Tassoni (Michael Sheedy)
Peter Holden, Patrick Ryan (Michael’s gang)
Vana O’Brien (Mrs Gallager)
Michelle Guthrie (Ginny)
Brendan Fraser (John’s friend)
Joe Ivy (Josh)
Betty Moyer (woman at fish market 1)
Barbara Irvin (woman at fish market 2)

Alternative Titles

Darkness – France (video)
Figlio delle tenebre – Italy
Filho do Bem, Filho do Mal – Brazil
Das Kind des Satans – Germany
El niño de la oscuridad y de la luz – Mexico
Pimeyden lapsi, valon lapsi – Finland

Cast Gallery


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