Champagnegalopp (1975)

72m [UK], 83m [USA], 93m [Sweden]
35mm, , Eastmancolor, 1.66:1
mono, Swedish

A Swedish sex film with some horror elements directed by Vernon P. Becker.

Plot Summary

A Victorian aristocrat buys an abandoned asylum and sets about converting it into a lavish brothel. But the serial killer known as is hiding in a network of secret passages and now has a whole new set of potential victims.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Vernon P. Becker
© 1979 Unicorn Enterprises, Inc.
Christian DeFrank presents a Unicorn Enterprises film
Produced by: Vernon P. Becker
Production Manager: Tom Younger
Screenplay by: Vernon P. Becker & Barry Downes
Director of Photography: Tony Forsberg
3D Technical Advisor: Max Glenn
Edited by: Ingemar Ejve
Music by: H.C. Lundbye
Conducted by: Charles Redland
Post Dubbing: Laszlo Haverland
Costume Designer: Inger Pehrsson *
Title Design: Bob Le Bar
Production Designer: Ralph Larson

Ollie Soltoft (Jack Armstrong)
Sue Longhurst (Alice Faversham)
Charlie Elvegard (Samson)
Malou Cartwright (Penny)
Martin Young (Jack the Ripper)
Diana Dors as Madame Helena
Joe Grey [real name: Göthe Grefbo] (Judge Pettibone)
Steven Lund (Jack as a boy)
Larry Leonard (Mr Pendleton)
Peter Rose [real name: Per-Axel Arosenius] (Reverend Faversham)
Julie Bernby (Mrs Faversham)
Barry Melvin [real name: Börje Mellvig] (police inspector)
Neal Lund [real name: Nils Eklund] (police officer)
Barbara Hart [real name: Barbro Hiort af Ornäs] (Jack's mother)
Gil Holmes [real name: Egil Holmsen] (Jack's father)
Tina Monell [real name: Tina Möller-Monell] (Marion Faversham)
Bengt Olsson [Marions husband] *
Rolf Bengtson [museum manager] *
Berit Agedahl, Inger Sundh, Vivi Rau, Marie-Louise Fors [girls at Madames house] *

Alternative Titles

Champagne på sengekanten
The Groove Room
A Man with a Maid – USA
My Favorite Butler
Samppanjagaloppi – Finland
Teenage Tickle Girls – USA (re-release)
Tickled Pink – USA
Victorian Fantasies – Canada
Was der schwedische Butler sah – West Germany
What the Swedish Butler Saw!



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