Celia (1988)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An Australian horror film directed by Ann Turner.

Plot Summary

Nine-year-old girl Celia is growing up in 1950's Australia with the threat of international ever-present in the background. Her schoolfriends' families are all Communist sympathizers and her father won't let her mix with them, giving her instead a pet rabbit she calls Murgatroyd, her only friends other than the fantasy frindships she strikes up with her dead grandmother and mythical monsters called Hobyahs. But when her father takes the rabbit away again, Celia starts plotting her revenge…


* = uncredited

Directed by: Ann Turner
© Seon Films Australia 1988
Seon Films presents a film by Ann Turner. Produced with the assistance of Australian Film Commission, Film Victoria
Executive Producer: Bryce Menzies
Produced by: Timothy White, Gordon Glenn
Associate Producer: Ian Pringle
Written by: Ann Turner
Director of Photography: Geoffrey Simpson
Editor: Ken Sallows
Music: Chris Neal
Sound Recordist: Lloyd Carrick
Wardrobe Designer: Rose Chong
Make-up/Hairdresser: Carolyn Nott
Production Designer: Peta Lawson
Casting: Liz Mullinar
Locations: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia *

Rebecca Smart (Celia Carmichael)
Nicholas Eadie (Ray Carmichael)
Victoria Longley (Alice Tanner)
Mary-Anne Fahey (Pat Carmichael)
Margaret Ricketts (Granny)
Alexander Hutchinson (Steve Tanner)
Adrian Mitchell (Karl Tanner)
Callie Gray (Meryl Tanner)
Martin Sharman (Evan Tanner)
Claire Couttie (Heather Goldman)
Alex Menglet (Mr Goldman)
Amelia Frid (Stephanie Burke)
William Zappa (Sargeant John Burke)
Fion Keane (Soapy Burke)
Louise Le Nay (Debbie Burke)
Shannon McNamara (Slim)
Luke Mathews (White Knight)
Deborra-Lee Furness (Miss Greenway)
Irene Inescort (Mrs Casey)
Myles Sharpe (Vicar Mitchell)

Alternative Titles

Celia – Child of Terror – advertising title

Extracts included in
Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror (2021)



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