Caveman (1981)

35mm film, Technicolor, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American comedy fantasy film directed by Carl Gottlieb.

Plot Summary

In the year One Zillion BC an idiotic tribe of primitive struggle with and a more advanced tribe.


Directed by: Carl Gottlieb
© MCMLXXXI [1981] United Artists Corporation
Metro Goldwyn Mayer [logo] United Artists [logo] A Turman-Foster Company production
Produced by: Lawrence Turman and David Foster
Written by: Rudy de Luca and Carl Gottlieb
Director of Photography: Alan Hume
Film Editor: Gene Fowler Jr
Music by: Lalo Schifrin
Production Sound Mixer: Claude Hitchcock
Costumes Designed by: Robert Fletcher
Makeup Supervisor: Del Armstrong
Hair Stylist: Lynn Del Kail
Special Effects Supervisor: Roy Arbogast
Abominable Snowman Created by: Christopher Walas
Special Visual Effects by: Effects Associates, Inc.
Production Designer: Philip M. Jefferies

Ringo Starr (Atouk)
Barbara Bach (Lana)
Dennis Quaid (Lar)
Shelley Long (Tala)
John Matuszak (Tonda)
Avery Schreiber (Ock)
Jack Gilford (Gog)
Ed Greenberg (Kalta)
Carl Lumbly (Bork)
Cork Hubbert (Ta)
Gigi Vorgan (Folg's daughter)
Mark King (Ruck)
Paco Morayta (Flok)
Evan Kim (Nook)
Jack Scalici (Folg)
Miguel Angel Fuentes (Grot)
Tere Alvarez (Ock's mate)
Erica Carlson (Folg's mate)
Ana de Sade (Grot's mate)
Juan Ancona Figueroa (Folg's younger son)

Alternative Titles

O Atsidas ton spilaion – Greece
Barlangember – Hungary
Caveman – Der aus der Höhle kam – West Germany
Cavernícola – Spain
El cavernícola – Mexico, Peru
Il cavernicolo
– Italy
Edad de piedra
– Sweden
O Homem das Cavernas
– Brazil, Portugal
L'Homme des cavernes
– France
– Finland
Magara adami
– Turkey
Min første sten
– Denmark



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