Zazie dans le métro (1960)

10-year-old Zazie is visiting her Uncle Gabriel in Paris while her mother spends time with her lover. Zazie runs away to explore the city on her own at the height of a strike on the Métro. […]


Zea (1981)

A short Canadian animated fantasy film directed by André and Jean-Jacques Leduc. […]


The Zebra Killer (1974)

Based on the true story of The Zebra Killer, a white man who terrorised Los Angeles by wearing black face and raping and killing young women. When Lt Frank Savage’s girlfriend falls victim to the serial killer, Savage becomes obsessed with finding him. […]


Zeder (1983)

A young journalist buys a second hand typewriter and finds that he can read the imprints on the ribbon, revealing what was last typed on the machine. He pieces together the story of the scientist Paolo Zeder, who discovered K-Zones, areas in which the dead are restored to life. Stefano later encounters a group of scientists who are trying to prove Zeder’s theories. […]


Zelig (1983)

A spoof documentary about the enigmatic Leonard Zelig, a man so devoid of personality that he has a chameleon-like ability to blend in with the people he meets. […]