Cat-Women of the Moon (1953)

35mm film, black and white
mono (Western Electric Recording), English

An American science fiction film directed by Arthur Hilton.

Plot Summary

A spaceship lands on and the crew finds it inhabited by a race of cat-women who want to breed with human males to preserve the species.


Directed by: Arthur Hilton
Copyright MCMLIII [1953] by Z.W. Productions, Inc.
R.M. Savini presents
Produced by: Al Zimbalist, Jack Rabin
Screen Play: Roy Hamilton
Original Story Idea: Jack Rabin, Al Zimbalist
Photography: William Whitley
Supervising Film Editor: John Bushelman
Music Composed and Directed by: Elmer Bernstein
Make-up Artist: Harry Thomas
Hair Stylist: Ida Forgette
Hair Creations: Emil Corsillo, Inc.
Special Effects Created by: Jack Rabin, Al Zimbalist
Mechanical Effects: Willis R. Cook
Title and Optical Effects: David Commons
Art Director: William Glasgow

Sonny Tufts [Laird Grainger]
Victor Jory [Kip Reissner]
Marie Windsor [Helen Salinger]
Susan Morrow [Lambda]
Douglas Fowley [Walter Walters]
Bill Phipps [Doug Smith]

The Hollywood Cover Girls
Carol Brewster [Alpha]
Carol Brewster
Betty Arlen
Suzanne Alexander [Zeta]
Roxann Delman
Ellye Marshall
Judy Walsh

Alternative Titles

Cat Women of the Moon – alternative spelling
As Felinas da Lua – Portuguese title
Las mujeres gato de la luna – Mexican, Spanish title
Mulheres-Gato da Lua – Brazilian title
Quei fantastici razzi volanti – Italian title
Rocket to the Moon
Женщины-кошки с Луны – Russian title
月のキャットウーマン – Japanese title

Missile to the Moon (1958)

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