Cat Girl (1957)

75m 39s (UK)
35mm film, black and white
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Alfred Shaughnessy.

Plot Summary

Lenore is a repressed young woman spurned by her philandering husband. But she has a grim secret and, while her husband and his lover are up to no good in the garden, a spectral cheetah savages them to death – but what is it's connection with Lenore?


Directed by: Alfred Shaughnessy
Copyright MCMLVII [1957] Insignia Films Ltd.
Nat Cohen and Stuary Levy present an Insignia Film production
Executive Producer: Peter Rogers
Produced by: Herbert Smith
Production Manager: John W. Green
Original Screenplay by: Lou Rusoff
Assistant Director: William Hill
Continuity: Olga Brookes
Director of Photography: Peter Hennessy
Camera Operator: Paddy A'Hearne
Editor: Jocelyn Jackson
Sound Recordist: Len Page
RCA Sound Recording
Wardrobe: Vi Murray
Make-up: Philip Leakey
Hairdressing: Nina Broe
Production Designer: Jack Stevens
Art Director: Eric Saw
Animal Trainer: Frank Farrar *
Made at Beaconsfield Studios, England

Barbara Shelley (Leonora Brandt)
Robert Ayres (Dr Brian Marlowe)
Kay Callard (Dorothy Marlowe)
Ernest Milton (Edmund)
Lily Kann (Anna, Brandt's housekeeper)
Jack May (Richard Johnson)
Patricia Webster (Cathy)
John Lee (Allan)
Edward Harvey
Martin Boddey (Cafferty)
John Watson (Roberts)
Frank Atkinson [guard – uncredited]
John Baker [male nurse – uncredited]
Selma Vaz Dias [nurse – uncredited]
Geoffrey Tyrrell [caretaker – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

The Cat Woman

See also
Cat People (1943)



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