Castle Sinister (1948)

UK, 1948
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British fantasy film directed by Oscar Burn.

Plot Summary

At remote Glennye Castle, a disparate group of characters gather and Lady Glennye learns that one of them is a Nazi spy. The agent might even be the real father of Lady Glennye's son and Glennyes Castle may be haunted by the spirit of a dead monk.


Directed by: Oscar Burn
© [not given on screen]
Unicorn Film Corporation presents
Produced by: Wm. Howard Borer
Screen Play by: Egan Storm
Adapted from the play “Mark of Judas” by Vance Youden
Continuity: Dora E. Thomas
Photographed by: Jeff Davis
Edited by: N. Goude
Musical Direction: Cyril E. Clarke
Sound Recordist: William Vaughan
Mara Tavernan's Gowns by: Desti
Art Director: Harald Melvill

Mara Russell-Tavernan (Marchioness of Glenye [Gabrielle])
Alistair Hunter (McTavish)
James Liggatt ([Captain] Neale)
Karl Meir ([Major Martin] Selwyn)
Robert Essex (Nigel [Glenye])
Maureen O'Moor (Maggie[, the maid])
Myra Celian (Lorna[, the cook])
Humphrey Stamford ([P.C.] McWerter)
John Gauntley (Michael [Glenye])
Patricia St John (Jean [Hamilton])
Lucien Boré ([Captain] Fairfax)
Hugh Arnald ([Major] Matthews)
Harald Melvill (crofter)
Peter Emmott (taxi driver)



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