Carry on Christmas (1973)

UK, 24 December 1973
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British fantasy television special directed by Ronald Fouracre.

Plot Summary

A department store Father Christmas presides over a series of Christmas-related comedy sketches.


Director: Ronald Fouracre
Thames Television
Executive Producer: Peter Rogers
Producer: Gerald Thomas
Script: Talbot Rothwell
Music Associate: Norman Stevens
Designer: Allan Cameron
Choreography: Terry Gilbert

Sidney James (Mr Belcher the store Santa Claus/Seed Pod/Sir Henry/Sgt Ball/Robin Hood)
Joan Sims (bishop’s wife/Adela/Virginia’s mum/Salvation Army lady/traffic warden/Maid Marian/ballet dancer/Senna Pod)
Barbara Windsor (Virginia/Crompet the pit cavegirl/Fifi/Lady Fanny/ballet dancer/Lady Frances)
Kenneth Connor (Mr Sibley the store manager/bishop/Anthro Pod/Pt Parkin/Will Scarlet/ballet dancer)
Peter Butterworth (caveman carol singer/ancient gent/dart player/German soldier/Friar Tuck/ballet dancer)
Bernard Bresslaw (Bean Podkin the cave teenager/merry man/Capt Fling Burgh/dart player/police officer/ballet dancer)
Jack Douglas (caveman carol singer/Crapper the butler/German soldier/Alan-A-Dale/ballet dancer)
Julian Holloway (Angle leader/Capt Rhodes)
Laraine Humphreys (bed customer)