Carol for Another Christmas (1964)

USA, 28 December
black and white, 4:3
mono, English

An American fantasy television special written by Rod Serling and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz.

Plot Summary

Industrial tycoon Daniel Grudge is mourning the death in combat of his son Marley on Eve, 1944. Becoming cold-hearted and distrusting of US involvement in international affairs, he's visited by the of Christmas Past, Present and Future.


Directed by: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
© Telsun Foundation, Inc. 1964
A Telsun Foundation, Inc. production
Executive Producer (for The Telesun Foundation): Edgar Rosenberg
Produced by: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Associate Producer (for The Telesun Foundation): C.O. Erickson
Production Manager: Jim Digangi
Written by: Rod Serling
Based on the novel by Charles Dickens *
Assistant Director: Dan Eriksen
Script Supervisor: Marguerite James
Director of Photography: Arthur J. Ornitz
Supervising Film Editor: Robert Lawrence
Film Editor: Nathan Greene
Music by: Henry Mancini
Music Editor: Richard Carruth
Choral Supervision by: Thomas Pyle, Alice Parker
Sound: James Shields
Re-recording: Richard Vorisek
Sound Effects Editor: Jerry Greenberg
Costumes Designed by: Anna Hill Johnstone
Make Up: Irving Buchman
Titles by: Film Dimensions, Inc.
Production Designed by: Gene Callahan
Assistant Art Director: Lee Aronsohn
Set Decorator: Jack Wright Jr
Property Master: Thomas Wright
Assistant to the Producer: Eleanor Wolquitt
Filmed at the Michael Myerberg Studios, New York

Britt Ekland (the mother)
Ben Gazzara (Fred)
Sterling Hayden (Daniel Grudge)
Pat Hingle (Ghost of Christmas Present)
Steve Lawrence (Ghost of Christmas Past)
Percy Rodriguez (Charles)
Eva Marie Saint (The Wave)
Peter Sellers (Imperial Me)
Robert Shaw (Ghost of Christmas Future)
James Shigeta (the doctor)
Barbara Ann Teer (Ruby)
Peter Fonda [Marley] * 1Fonda was cut from the finished production but his portrait as Jacob Marley is clearly seen hanging on a wall in several scenes

Alternative Titles

Canto per un altro Natale – Italian title


A Christmas Carol and Its Adaptations: A Critical Examination of Dickens's Story and Its Productions on Screen and Television by Fred Guida pp.191-192 – credits
Serling: The Rise and Twilight of Television's Last Angry Man – production notes (by Gordon F. Sander)