Carnival of Blood (1970)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Leonard Kirtman.

Plot Summary

A psychopath is on the loose at the carnival on , messily seeing off a number of the female visitors. A trainee district attorney and his fiancé set out to try to find the killer but for one of them, their investigations could bring them much closer to the madman than they might have wished for…



Directed by: Leonard Kirtman
© [not given on screen]
Associate Director: David Howe
Kirt Film International presents
Produced by: Leonard Kirtman
Written by: Leonard Kirtman
Director of Photography: David Howe
Editor: Harvey Kopel
Music by: The Brooks Group
Electronic Music by: Heskel Brisman
Soundmen: Phil Voza, Harvey Kopel
Make-up: Troy Roberts
Set Designer: Deborah Howe
Locations: Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA *

Earle Edgerton (Tom)
Judith Resnick (Laura)
Martin Barlorsky (Dan)
Kaly Mills (the fortune teller)
John Harris [real name: Burt Young] (Gimpy, the hunchback)
Linda Kurtz (Claire)
William Grinnell (Harry)
Glen Kimberley (the sailor)
Eve Packer (the sailor's date)
Gloria Spivak (the dumpy woman)

Extracts in in
Bikers, Blondes and Blood (1993)
Filmgore (1983)



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