Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter (1974)

UK, 1972
35mm film, colour
mono, English
Reviewed at The

A British horror film written and directed by Brian Clemens.

Plot Summary

Captain Kronos and his hunchbacked assistant Professor Hieronymous Grost travel through Europe wiping out vampirism wherever they encounter it. Summoned to the village of Durward by a former army comrade, Kronos finds that young women are apparently dying of old age, their lifeforce being sucked from them by some sort of predator. After picking up gypsy girl Carla along the way, Kronos and Grost investigate and come to suspect that the wealthy Durward family may have something to do with the killings.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Brian Clemens
© MVMLXXII [1972] Hammer Film Productions Limited
A Hammer production
Produced by: Albert Fennell, Brian Clemens
Production Supervisor: Roy Skeggs
Production Manager: Richard Dalton
Written by: Brian Clemens
Assistant Director: David Tringham
Continuity: June Randall
Director of Photography: Ian Wilson
Camera Operator: Godfrey Godar
Editor: James Needs
Processed by: Humphries Laboratories
Music by: Laurie Johnson
Music Supervisor: Philip Martell
Recording Director: A.W. Lumkin
Sound Recordist: Jim Willis
Sound Editor: Peter Lennard
Dubbing Mixer: Bill Rowe
RCA Sound System
Wardrobe Supervisor: Dulcie Midwinter
Make-Up: Jim Evans
Hairdressing: Barbara Ritchie
Designer: Robert Jones
Assistant Art Director: Kenneth McCallum Tait
Stand-in for Caroline Munro: Glenda Allen *
Made at EMI-MGM Elstree Studios, Boreham Wood, Hertfordshire, England
Fight Arranger: William Hobbs
Casting Director: James Liggat

Horst Janson (Captain Kronos)
John Carson (Dr Marcus)
Shane Briant (Paul Durward)
Caroline Munro (Carla)
John Cater (Professor Hieronymos Grost)
Lois Daine (Sara Durward)
William Hobbs (Lord Hagen Durward)
Brian Tully (George Sorell)
Robert James (Pointer)
Perry Soblosky (Barlow)
Paul Greenwood (Giles)
Lisa Collings (Vanda Sorell)
John Hollis (barman)
Ian Hendry as Kerro
Wanda Ventham as Lady Durward
Susanna East (Isabella Sorell)
Stafford Gordon (Barton Sorell)
Elizabeth Dear (Ann Sorell)
Joanna Ross (Myra)
Neil Seiler (priest)
Olga Anthony (Lilian)
Gigi Gurpinar (blind girl)
Peter Davidson (big man)
Terence Sewards (Tom)
Trevor Lawrence (Deke)
Jacqui Cook (barmaid)
Penny Price (whore)
B.H. Barry, Michael Buchanan, Steve James, Ian McKay, Barry Smith, Roger Williams [villagers – uncredited]
Linda Cunningham [Jane – uncredited]
Caroline Villiers [Petra – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Capitaine Kronos: Tueur de – France
Captain Kronus – Vampire Hunter
Kapteeni Kronos – vampyyrinmetsästäjä
– Finland
Vampire Castle

Extracts included in
The World of Hammer: Dracula & the Undead (1994)
The World of Hammer: Vamp (1994)


Cinefantastique vol.3 no.4 (Winter 1974) p.29
[T]he film is one of Hammer Films' all-time greats in the horror genre. […] The atmosphere of terror is remarkably sustained, and a few sequences – most certainly the scene in the church with the silhouette of the crucifix – should make an impact on the horror genre for being some of the most poetic ever filmed. […] Kronos […] is quick and exciting, and executed with the same fast pace and wit that we used to expect weekly from John Steed and Emma Peel. When Scars of Dracula was released, we said that Hammer was returning to form after a long period of unsatisfactory entries. When Vampire Circus was released we said that Hammer re-discovered excitement. Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter has now come and gone, and it establishes Hammer once more as one of the genre's most valued and respected studios. – from an illustrated review by Tim Lucas



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