Captain Clegg (1962)

USA, UK, 1961
35mm film, Technicolor
mono, English

An American/British adventure film with some horror elements directed by Peter Graham Scott for Hammer Film Productions. The US title, Night Creatures, had been Hammer's preferred choice for their abandoned adaptation of Richard Matheson's novel I Am Legend.

Plot Summary

Dymchurch, 1792: villagers are being terrified by ‘marsh phantoms', sinister figures that only come out at nights to stalk the nearby Romney Marshes. Captain Collier is sent to investigate with a team of revenue men and uncovers a smuggling ring run by the village vicar, Dr Blyss…


* = uncredited

Directed by: Peter Graham Scott
© MCMLXII [] by Universal Pictures Company Inc
A Hammer-Major production
Produced by: John Temple-Smith
Production Manager: Don Weeks
Screenplay by: John Elder [real name: Anthony Hinds]
Additional Dialogue: Barbara S. Harper
Novel: Dr Syn – A Tale of Romney Marches by Russell Thorndike *
Assistant Director: John Peverall
Continuity: Tilly Day
Director of Photography: Arthur Grant
Camera Operator: Len Harris
Chief Electrician: Jack Curtis *
Supervising Editor: James Needs
Editor: Eric Boyd-Perkins
Eastman Color by Pathe
Music Composed by: Don Banks
Musical Director: Philip Martell
Sound Recordist: Jock May
Sound Editor: Terry Poulton
RCA Sound Recording
Wardrobe Supervisor: Molly Arbuthnot
Wardrobe Mistress: Rosemary Burrows
Make-up Artist: Roy Ashton
Hair Stylist: Frieda Steiger
Special Effects: Les Bowie
Production Designer: Bernard Robinson
Art Director: Don Mingaye
Made at Bray Studios, England
Locations: Cobham, Surrey, England, UK; Copstone Mill, Turville Heath, Fingest, Buckinghamshire, England, UK; Denham, Buckinghamshire, England, UK; Braywood Church, England, UK *
Fight Sequences Supervised by: Bob Simmons

Peter Cushing (Dr Blyss/Captain Clegg)
Yvonne Romain (Imogene)
Patrick Allen (Captain Collier)
Oliver Reed (Harry)
Michael Ripper (Jeremiah Mipps)
Martin Benson (Rash)
David Lodge (bosun)
Daphne Anderson (Mrs Rash)
Derek Francis (Squire)
Milton Reid (mulatto)
Jack Macgowran (frightened man)
Terry Scully (2nd sailor)
Peter Halliday (1st sailor)
Rupert Osborn (Gerry)
Sydney Bromley (Tom Ketch)
Gordon Rollings (Wurzel)
Bob Head (Peg-Leg)
Colin Douglas (pirate bosun)

Alternative Titles

The Curse of Captain Clegg – shooting title
Night Creatures – USA
Gli spettri del Capitano Clegg – Italian title

Extracts included in
The World of Hammer: Mummies, Werewolves & the Living Dead (1994)



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