Capricorn One (1978)

35mm, 70mm [blow up], filmed in Panavision [anamorphic], colour, 2.35:1
4-Track Stereo [35mm magnetic prints], 70mm 6-Track [70mm prints], English

An American/British science fiction film directed by Peter Hyams. Production began on 3 January 1977 1Variety 28 January 1977 p.22 2The Hollywood Reporter 25 February 1977 p.20.


Three aboard the first manned mission to Mars are pulled from their ship just before launch and taken to a film studio deep in the desert. There they are forced to fake the mission after has discovered a major defect with the ship. As a journalist closes in on the truth, the astronauts find theirs lives in jeopardy when it's reported that the ship catches fire on re-entry…


Directed by: Peter Hyams
© MCMLXXVII by Capricorn One Associates
Sir Lew Grade presents for Associated General Films. A Lazarus/Hyams production of a Peter Hyams film [opening credits]. From ITC Entertainment an ATV company [closing credits]
Produced by: Paul N. Lazarus III
Associate Producer/Unit Production Manager: Michael Rachmil
Written by: Peter Hyams
Director of Photography: Bill Butler
Film Editor: James Mitchell
Music by: Jerry Goldsmith
Sound Recorder: Bill Manooch
Costume Designer: Patricia Norris
Make Up Artist: Mike Westmore
Hair Stylist: Emma Di Vittorio
Key Special Effects: Henry Millar Jr
Visual Visual Effects: Van der Veer Photo Effects
Miniature Coordinator: Ernie Huber
Production Designer: Albert Brenner
Locations: Red Rock Canyon State Park, Cantil, California, USA
Casting by: Mike Fenton, Jane Feinberg

Elliott Gould (Robert Caulfield)
James Brolin (Colonel Charles Brubaker)
Brenda Vaccaro (Kay Brubaker)
Sam Waterston (Lieutenant Colonel Peter Willis)
O.J. Simpson (Commander John Walker)
Hal Holbrook (Dr James Kelloway)
David Huddleston (Congressman Hollis Peaker)
David Doyle (Walter Loughlin)
Denise Nicholas (Betty Walker)
Robert Walden (Elliot Whittier)
Lee Bryant (Sharon Willis)
Alan Fudge (capsule communicator)
Karen Black (Judy Drinkwater)
Telly Savalas (Albain)
Norman Bartold (President)
Jon Cedar (FBI agent #1)
Barbara Bosson (Alva Leacock)
Lou Frizzell (Horace Gruning)
James Karen (Vice President Price)
Paul Picerni (Jerry)

Alternative Titles

Capricorn yksi – Finland
Capricórnio Um – Brazil/Portugal
Capricornio Uno – Spain
Koziorozec 1 – Poland
Unternehmen Capricorn – West Germany

Extracts included in
Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon? (2001)

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The Astronaut (1972)



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