Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995)

USA, 1995
93m, 2630 metres
35mm film, colour
Dolby Digital, English

An American horror film directed by Bill Condon. It was the second of the Candyman trilogy of films.

Plot Summary

The Candyman moves to New Orleans and is soon up to murderous old ways again, this time targeting a young school teacher whose father has already been killed by the Candyman.


Directed by: Bill Condon
© 1995 Polygram Film Productions B.V.
Gramercy Pictures. PolyGram Filmed Entertainment presents a Propaganda Films production. A Bill Condon film
Executive Producer: Clive Barker
Supervising Producer: Tim Clawson
Produced by: Sigurjon Sighvatsson, Gregg Fienberg
Associate Producer: Anna C. Miller
Screenplay by: Rand Ravich and Mark Kruger
Story by: Clive Barker
Edited by: Virginia Katz
Music by: Philip GlassMusic Supervisors: Don Christensen, Jim Keller
Sound Mixer: Walter Hoylman
Costume Designer: Bruce Finlayson
Key Make Up: Sheri P. Short
Special Make Up Effects Department Head: Douglas J. White
Special Make Up Effects: Allan A. Apone, Steve Fink
Special Effects Supervisor: John Hartigan
Production Designer: Barry Robison

Tony Todd (Candyman)
Kelly Rowan (Annie Tarrant)
William O’Leary (Ethan Tarrant)
Bill Nunn (Reverend Ellis)
Matt Clark (Honore Thibideaux)
David Gianopoulos (Detective Ray Levesque)
Fay Hauser (Pam Carver)
Joshua Gibran Mayweather (Matthew Ellis)
Michael Culkin (Phillip Purcell)
Timothy Carhart as Paul McKeever
Veronica Cartwright as Octavia
Caroline Barclay (Caroline Sullivan)
Michael Bergeron (Coleman Tarrant)
Brianna Blanchard (young Caroline McKeever)
Clotiel Bordeltier (Liz)
Russell Buchanan (voice of Kingfisher)
Nate Bynum (reporter)
Sandy Byrd (woman in bookstore)
Eric Cadora (man in bookstore)
Carl Ciarfalio (bartender)

Alternative Titles

Assassino das Trevas – Portuguese title
Candyman 2 – A Vingança – Brazilian title
Candyman 2 – Die Blutrache – German title
Candyman 2 – French/French Canadian title
Candyman 2: Adiós a la carne – Spanish title
Candyman II – Inferno nello specchio – Italian title
Candyman II: Farewell to the Flesh
Kampókéz 2. – Hungarian title

Sequel to
Candyman (1992)

Candyman: Day of the Dead (1999)



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