Can Hieronymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness? (1969)

35mm, Technicolor
mono (RCA Sound Recording), English

A British fantasy film directed by Anthony Newley.

Plot Summary

Having recently turned 40, Hieronymus Merkin is developing a film about his life in which he appears as a puppet. The film charts Merkin's development from a young innocent to a womanising hellraiser under the tutelage of Goodtime Eddie Filth. But Merkin has alwys been deeply in love with just one woman – Mercy Humppe – and as production of the film nears its end, Merkin is forced to look back at his life and decide what, if anything, he's learned.



Directed by: Anthony Newley
© Universal Pictures Limited 1969
Regional Film Distributors, Inc. presents [US prints only]. Universal presents. Production by The Taralex Corporation in association with Universal Pictures Limited
Produced by: Anthony Newley
Associate Producer: George Fowler
Written by: Herman Raucher and Anthony Newley
Director of Photography: Otto Heller
Editor: Bernard Gribble
Music by: Anthony Newley
Sound: Wally Milner
Costume Designer: Loudon St Hill
Make-up: R.L. Alexander
Hair: Mervyn Medalie
Art Director: William Constable
Locations: Malta
Studio: Mediterranean Film Studios

Bernard Stone (Icicle Ike)
Margaret Nolan (Little Assistance)
Yolanda (Trampolena Whambang)
Sally Douglas (automation bunny)
Roy Desmond (the mask)
Desmond Walter-Ellis (Philip Bluster)
Judy Cornwell (Filigree Fondle)
Julian Orchard (The Red Cardinal)
as the critics: Ronald Radd (Bentley), Rosalind Knight (Penelope), Victor Spinetti (Sharpnose)
as the producers: Louis Negin (Peter), Tom Stern (Ron)
as the writers: Stubby Kaye, Ronald Rubin
Patricia Hayes (Grandma)
Bruce Forsyth (Uncle Limelight)
George Jessel (The Presence)
Connie Kreski (Mercy Humppe)
Milton Berle (Good Time Eddie Filth)
Sasha and Tara Newley (Thaxted and Thumbelina)
Joan Collins (Polyester Poontang)
Anthony Newley (Hieronymous Merkin)
Lynda Baron (Baby Boobala salesgirl)

Alternative Titles

Hieronymus – seksipirtelö – Finnish title