Caltiki il mostro immortale (1959)

black and white,
mono, Italian

An Italian science fiction film directed by Riccardo Freda using the pseudonym Robert Hamton and an uncredited Mario Bava.

Plot Summary

During their exploration of a ruined Mayan temple, a team of discover a blob-like monster that they manage to destroy by setting it alight. They retain a sample, however, and as a comet passes the Earth – the same comet that appeared at the time of the fall of the Mayan civilization – the creature is reborn…


Directed by: Robert Hamton [real name: Riccardo Freda]; Mario Bava [uncredited]
© [not given on screen]
A Galatea film. A Samuel Schneider presentation [US prints]
Producer: Bruno Vailati [uncredited]
Screenplay by: Philip Just [real name: Filippo Sanjust]
Based on an ancient Mexican legend
Director of Photography: Mario Bava
Editor: Mario Serandrei
Music: Roberto Nicolosi
Westrex Recording System
Special Effects: Mario Bava
Scientific Consultant: Elle Bi

John Merivale (John Fielding)
Didi Sullivan [real name: Didi Perego] (Ellen)
Gerard Haerter [Gerald Haerter on US prints] (Max)
G.R. Stuart [real name: Giacomo Rossi Stuart] (Rodriguez)
Victor Andrèe [real name: Vittorio Andree] (lab assistant)
Daniel Vargas [real name: Daniele Vargas] (Bob)
Arthur Dominick [real name: Arturo Dominici] (Nieto)
Black Bernard [real name: Nerio Bernardi] (police commissioner)
Rex Wood
Gay Pearl (solo ballerina)
Daniela Rocca (Linda)
Daniele Pitani [uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Caltiki, the Immortal Monster

See also
The Blob (1958)
The Quatermass Xperiment (1955)



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