Cabaret Sin (1987)

mono, English

An American pornographic science fiction film directed by Philip O'Toole using the pseudonym Peter Williams.

Plot Summary

Taylor, a member of an elite force known as Eliminators, is sent to recover a stolen decoder that can be used to shut down the Reformers, led by the revolutionary Azteca. But his mission is comporomised when he runs into his estranged wife Nicola.


Directed by: Philip O'Toole
Even Steven Productions [uncredited]. A film by Philip O'Toole
Executive Producer: Kirdy Stevens
Produced by: Nacada O'Toole and Christopher Saint [real name: Christopher Saint Booth]
From a Story by: Philip O'Toole, Nacada O'Toole, Christopher Saint [real name: Christopher Saint Booth]
Director of Photography: Sly Burns
Gaffer: San Tana
Still Photos: Charlie Airwaves
Editing: Philip O'Toole
Assistant Editor: Steven Arthur
Post Production: Ad Art Agency
Music by: Cinema Symphony's [real name: Cinema Symphonys]
Boom: Chip Dale
Make-up: Alan Boshardt [real name: Alan C. Bosshardt], Nacada O'Toole
Art Director: Christof [uncredited]
Robotics: Christopher Saint [real name: Christopher Saint Booth]

Kristara Barrington (geisha)
Krista Lane (Nicola)
Tom Byron (dancer)
Bunny Blu [real name: Bunny Bleu] (Tammy Dorsey)
Candy Evans [real name: Candie Evans] [Candi Evans in end credits] (Marilyn)
Kevin Jean [real name: Greg Derek] (Taylor)
Lorrie Lovett (Azteca)
Tish Ambrose (harem girl)
Kevin James (Reformer)
Herschel Savage (Turk)
Keisha, Tom Byron (dancers)
Leslie Winston (harem girl)
Chris Thompson, Tex Anthony (horn section)
Brute Force (bouncer)
Gail Force (shadow dancer)
Steve Densmore [real name: Steven Densmore] (The Blade)
A.N. Droid, K. Omen (Reformers)

Alternative Titles

Droid – alternative title
X trop – Frence video title

Beyond Cabaret Sin (1987)



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