Burnt Offerings (1976)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Dan Curtis.

Plot Summary

A family moves into an old house only to find that it's haunted.


Directed by: Dan Curtis
© United Artists Corporation MCMLXXVI [1976]
P.E.A. Films Inc. presents a film by Dan Curtis. Produced in association with Dan Curtis Productions, Inc.
Produced by: Dan Curtis
Associate Producer: Robert Singer
Screenplay by: William F. Nolan, Dan Curtis
Based on the Novel by: Robert Marasco
Director of Photography: Jacques Marquette
Additional Photography by: Stevan Larner
Film Editor: Dennis Virkler
Music by: Robert Cobert
Sound Mixer: David Ronne
Costume Designer: Ann Roth
Makeup Artist: Al Fleming
Hair Stylists: Graham Meech-Burkestone, Peggy Shannon
Special Effects: Clifford Wenger
Production Designer: Eugene Lourie
Filmed at Dunsmuir House and Gardens, Oakland, California

Karen Black (Marian)
Oliver Reed (Ben)
Burgess Meredith (Brother [Arnold Allardyce])
Eileen Heckart (Roz [Allardyce])
Lee H. Montgomery (David)
Dub Taylor (Walker)
Bette Davis (Aunt Elizabeth)
Joseph Riley (Ben's father)
Todd Turquand (young Ben)
Orin Cannon (minister)
Jim Myers (Dr Ross)
Anthony James (the chauffeur)

Alternative Titles

Ballata macabra – Italy
Férias Macabras – Portugal
Gazap tohumu – Turkey
Holocausto – Argentina
Hyreskontrakt med döden – Sweden
I villa ton kataramenon – Greece
Ie – Japan
Killhouse – Netherlands (video)
Landhaus der toten Seelen – West Germany
A Mansão Macabra – Brazil
Pesadilla diabólica – Argentina, Mexico, Spain
Rémálmok háza – Hungary
Spalone ofiary – Poland
Den stängda dörren – Finland (Swedish)
Suljettu ovi – Finland
Trauma – France
Η βίλα των καταραμένων – Greece
Сожженные приношения – Russia

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