Burning Ash (1992)

13m, 1,214 feet
35mm film, colour, 1.75:1
Dolby Stereo, English

A British short horror film directed by Jonathan Ripley.

Plot Summary

An old resident of a small village in Sussex comes into conflict with his new commuter neighbours over an old tree that straddles their properties. The conflict escalates when the old man starts using ancient rural .


Directed by: Jonathan Ripley
© 1992 Medicine Hat
Medicine Hat presents an Elephant Rock Film Company production
Produced by: Jonathan Ripley
Line Producer: Jean Ferber
Written by: Jonathan Ripley
Lighting Cameraman: Patrick Duval
Editor: Michael Parkinson
Original Music Composed and Performed by: Kenny Craddock
Sound Recordist: John Rodda, Paul Lord
Wardrobe: Leslie Gilda
Make-up/Hairdresser: Celia Baxter
Art Director: Jan Chaney

Charlie Drake (Ethan Hawker)
Jonathan Oliver (Richard Knight)