Britannia Hospital (1982)

35mm film, Technicolor
mono, English

A British science fiction film directed by Lindsay Anderson.

Plot Summary

TV reporter Mick Travis leads his crew into the ailing Britannia Hospital to make a documentary on the day of a Royal visit. A new wing is to be opened where bizarre scientific experiments are being practiced by a team led by Professor Millar. But while the Professor creates an artificial human in the new wing and the administrators prepare for the Queen's visit, the staff are preparing to go on strike and a horde of have gathered outside to protest the presence of an African dictator with cannibalistic tendencies…


* = uncredited

Director: Lindsay Anderson
British Lion, EMI Films Ltd
Producers: Davina Belling, Clive Parsons
Script: David Sherwin
Director of Photography: Mike Fash
Editor: Michael Ellis
Music: Alan Price
Sound Mixer: Bruce White
Wardrobe Supervisor: Ian Hickinbotham
Make-up Supervisor: Linda DeVetta
Hair: Pat McDermott
Special Make-up Effects: Nick Maley, Marian Nicholson *
Special Effects Supervisor: George Gibbs
Art Director: Norris Spencer

Leonard Rossiter (Vincent Potter)
Brian Pettifer (Biles)
John Moffatt (Greville Figg)
Fulton Mackay (Chief Superintendant Johns)
Vivian Pickles (Matron)
Barbara Hicks (Miss Tinker)
Graham Crowden (Professor Millar)
Jill Bennett (Dr MacMillan)
Peter Jeffrey (Sir Geoffrey)
Marsha Hunt (Nurse Amanda Persil)
Catherine Willmer (Dr Houston)
Mary MacLeod (Casualty Sister)
Joan Plowright (Phyllis Grimshaw)
Robin Askwith (Ben Keating)
Dave Atkins (Sharkey)
Malcolm McDowell (Mick Travis)
Mark Hamill (Red)
Frank Grimes (Sammy/voice of Genesis)
Peter Machin (Peter Mancini)
Marcus Powell (Sir Anthony Mount)

Alternative Titles

Britannia Hospital – juhlapäivä – Finnish title
Brittiska sjukan – Swedish title
Szpital Britannia – Polish title

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