Bright Hair (1997)

UK, 11 October 1997-12 October 1997
1 series, 2 episodes
stereo, English

A British borderline horror television mini-series directed by Christopher Menaul.

Plot Summary

Schoolgirl Ann Devenish is severely traumatised when she stumbles upon the scene of a brutal murder. She starts to behave erratically and succumbs to mysterious blackouts, sometimes for days at a time. She begins an affair with the new teacher at school, David Miles, but when his wife is murdered in the same way as the body she found, Ann begins to suspect everyone – her father, her boyfriend… even herself.


Director: Christopher Menaul
BBC, Monogram, Broadcast Communications
Executive Producer for BBC: Estelle Daniel, Michael Wearing
Executive Producer for Monogram: Eileen Quinn
Producer: Brian Donovan
Script: Peter Ransley
Novel: Bright Hair about the Bone by Peter Ransley
Director of Photography: Sue Gibson
Editor: Chris Wimble
Music: Stephen Warbeck
Sound Mixer: Derek Norman
Costume Designer: Phoebe De Gaye
Make-up Designer: Vicky Voller
Production Designer: Chris Edwards

Emilia Fox (Ann Devenish)
James Purefoy (David Miles)
Oliver Milburn (Lawrence Churchman)
John Bowe (Inspector Gates)
Jim Carter (Norman Devenish)
Patricia Kerrigan (Eileen Devenish)
Toby Whithouse (DS Black)
Milly Gregory ( Linda Stone)
Victoria Wicks (Miss Montrose)
Geraldine Alexander (Valerie Miles)
Anna Walton ( Melissa Barnett)
Emma Fildes (Holly Martin)
Elizabeth McKechnie (Christine Dobson)
Jonathan Bailey (Ben Devenish)
Justin Grattan (Chris)
Colin Mace (PC Maybury)
Andrew Barrow (Mr Ryland)
Heather Bleasdale (Miss Wood)
Jane Cussons (Mrs Barnett)
Daphne Neville (Jane Travers)

Alternative Titles

Kultatukka – Finland