Bridge Across Time (1985)

USA, 22 November
35mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English

An American horror television film directed by E.W. Swackhamer.

Plot Summary

London, 1888 – is pursued by a mob and falls to his death from London Bridge. Almost a century later, The final stone used to build the original bridge is relocated to its new home in Lake Havasu in Arizona. And then the Ripper killings seem to start all over again…


Directed by: E.W. Swackhamer
© 1985 Fries Entertainment Inc.
Fries Entertainment
Executive Producers: Charles Fries, Irv Wilson
Produced by: Jack Mahon, Richard Maynard
Written by: William F. Nolan
Director of Photography: Gil Hubbs
Edited by: Tom Fries, Leslie Dennis
Music by: Lalo Schifrin
Sound Mixer: Jim La Rue
Costumer: Kathy Dover
Make-Up Artist: Pamela S. Westmore
Hairstylist: Frankie Campbell
Special Effects Coordinator: John C. Hartigan
Art Director: William McAllister

David Hasselhoff (Don Gregory)
Stepfanie Kramer (Angie)
Randolph Mantooth (Joe Nez)
Adrienne Barbeau (Lynn Chandler)
Clu Gulager (Chief Pete Dawson)
Lindsay Bloom (Elaine Gardner)
Ken Swofford (Ed Nebel)
Rose Marie (Alma Bellock)
Lane Smith as Anson Whitfield
David Fox-Brenton (Mr Latting)
Michael Boyle (Dave Williamson)
Barbara Bingham (Alice Williamson)
Paul Rossilli (The Ripper)
Cameron Milzer (lab technician)
Charles Benton (Mr Daly)
Nancy Skillen (Amy Phelps)
Ray Favero (waiter)
Jim Hodge (Mayor McCoy)
Peter Vernon (Lord Mayor of London)
Mike Wilkins (guard)

Alternative Titles

Arizona Ripper
Assassinio sul ponte di Londra
– Italy
Der City Cop
– West Germany (video)
Le retour de Jack L'eventreur
– France
Der Schrecken der London Bridge
– West Germany
Terror at London Bridge
Viiltäjä-Jackin paluu
– Finland



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