Brick Bradford (1948)

USA, 1948
15 part serial
black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American science fiction film serial directed by Spencer Bennet and Thomas Carr.

Plot Summary

An adventurer travels to the moon to stop a madman from using the planet-destroying interceptor ray while his friends travel back in time to the 18th century in search of a secret formula.


Directed by: Spencer Bennet, Thomas Carr
Columbia Pictures Corporation
Produced by: Sam Katzman
Written by: George H. Plympton, Arthur Hoerl, Lewis Clay
Based on the Comic Strip by: Clarence Gray, William Ritt
Director of Photography: Ira H. Morgan
Editor: Earl Turner
Musical Director: Mischa Bakaleinikoff
Art Director: Paul Palmentola

Kane Richmond (Brick Bradford)
Rick Vallin (Sandy Sanderson)
Linda Johnson [real name: Linda Leighton] (June Salisbury)
Pierre Watkin (Professor Salisbury)
Charles Quigley (Laydron)
Jack Ingram (Albers)
Fred Graham (Black)
John Merton (Dr Gregor Tymak)
Leonard Penn (Eric Byrus)
Wheeler Oakman (Louis Walthar)
Carol Forman (Queen Khana)
Charles King (Creed)
John Hart (Dent)
Helene Stanley (Carol Preston)


1. Atomic Defense
2. Flight to the Moon
3. Prisoners of the Moon
4. Into the Volcano
5. Bradford at Bay
6. Back to Earth
7. Into Another Century
8. Buried Treasure
9. Trapped in the Time Top
10. The Unseen Hand
11. Poison Gas
12. Door of Disaster
13. Sinister Rendezvous
14. River of Revenge
15. For the Peace of the World



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