Breach of the Peace (1994)

videotape, colour, 1.37:1
stereo, English

A British science fiction film directed by Bill Baggs.

Plot Summary

now knows that he is Soloman, a terrorist leader from another dimension, part of a Preceptor cell on an assassination mission. Soloman rejected his past and settled into a quite, uneventful life – but now two of his former colleagues, Egan and Saul, have are out to find him, disguised as officers, determined to return to their own world.


Director: Bill Baggs
© [BBC] 1994
Producer: Bill Baggs
[Written] By: Nicholas Briggs
Assistant Director: David Rowston
Second Assistant Director: Mike Lockwood
Lighting Cameraman: Dick Kursa
Electrician: Phil Preston
Editor: Michael Duxbury
Composer: Alistair Lock
Sound Recordist: Robert Hill
Make-up: Paige Bell

Colin Baker (Stranger)
David Troughton (Egan)
John Wadmore (Saul)
Caroline John ([Detective Chief Inspector Diana] Sellars)
Nicholas Briggs (Evans)
Holly King (Rose)
Emma Hill (reporter)
Ian Marr (P.C. Payne)
David Rowston, Robin Prichard (P.C.s)

Alternative Titles

The Stranger: Breach of the Peace

Sequel to
Summoned by Shadows (1991)
More Than a Messiah (1992)
In Memory Alone (1993)
The Terror Game (1994)

Eye of the Beholder (1995)


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DreamWatch no.1 (October 1994) – review (by Robert Cope)