Brazil (1985)

131m (USA), 142m (UK – director's cut)
35mm film, Technicolor, 1.85:1
Dolby, English

An American/British science fiction film directed by Terry Gilliam.

Plot Summary

In a a near future drowning in and inefficiency, civil servant Sam Lowry of a better life away from the technology that makes his life unbearable. He gets involved in the wrongful arrest of shoe repairman Harry Buttle instead of the illegal freelance heating engineer Harry Tuttle. While trying to rectify the mistake, he meets Jill Layton, a woman he's never met before but who keeps appearing in his dreams. But the authorities wrongfully suspect Sam of perpetrating a spate of terrorist bombings, and both he and Jill are soon on the run.


Director: Terry Gilliam
Embassy, Universal
Producer: Arnon Milchan
Co-Producer: Patrick Cassavetti
Script: Terry Gilliam, Tom Stoppard, Charles Mckeown
Director of Photography: Roger Pratt
Editor: Julian Doyle
Music: Michael Kamen
Sound Recordist: Bob Doyle
Costume Designer: James Acheson
Hair & Make-Up Designer: Maggie Weston
Prosthetic Make-Up: Aaron Sherman
Special Effects Supervisor: George Gibbs
Production Designer: Norman Garwood

Jonathan Pryce (Sam Lowry)
Robert Deniro (Archibald ‘Harry' Tuttle)
Katherine Helmond (Mrs Ida Lowry)
Ian Holm (Mr Kurtzman)
Bob Hoskins (Spoor)
Michael Palin (Jack Lint)
Ian Richardson (Mr Warren)
Peter Vaughan (Mr Helpman)
Kim Greist (Jill Layton)
Jim Broadbent (Dr Jaffe)
Charles Mckeown (Lime)
Barbara Hicks (Mrs Terrain)
Derrick O'conner (Dowser)
Kathryn Pogson (Shirley)
Bryan Pringle (Spiro)
Sheila Reid (Mrs Buttle)
John Flanagan (TV interviewer/salesman)
Ray Cooper (technician)
Brian Miller (Mr Buttle)
Simon Nash (boy Buttle)

Alternative Titles

1984½ – early title

Extracts included in
Dreams: The Birth of Brazil (1988)

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