Brainwaves (1983)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Ulli Lommel. Production began on 17 February 1982 1Daily Variety 12 March 1982 p.14

Plot Summary

Kaylie is injured in a traffic accident and lies in a coma for several months. Dr Clavius tries out a new, experimental procedure on her involving the stimulation of her brain with the neural patterns of a woman who has recently died. Kaylie recovers but has the memories of her neural pattern donor – a woman who was murdered and Kaylie now holds the key to solving the crime.


Directed by: Ulli Lommel
© 1982 CinAmerica Pictures Corp.
An Ulli Lommel film
Executive Producers: Charles Aperia, Gary Gillingham, Tim Nielsen
Produced by: Ulli Lommel
Written by: Ulli Lomel
Additional Dialogue by: Buz Alexander, Suzanna Love
Director of Photography: Jon Kranhouse
Cinematography: Ulli Lommel
Film Editor: Richard Brummer
Music Composed and Conducted by: Robert O. Ragland
Sound: Ed Christiano, John Huck
Wardrobe: Irma Cleef
Make-Up: Cathy Estocin, Philip Debbs
Special Effects: N.H.P., Inc.
Art Director: Stephen E. Graff

Keir Dullea (Julian Bedford)
Suzanna Love (Kaylie Bedford)
Vera Miles (Marian Koonan)
Percy Rodrigues (Dr Robinson)
Paul Willson (Dr Schroder)
Tony Curtis (Dr Clavius)
Ryan Seitz (Danny Bedford)
Eve Brent Ashe (Mrs Simpson)
Nicholas Love (Willy Meiser)
Corinne Alphen [real name: Corinne Wahl] (Leila Adams)
Phillipe Carr (doctor)
Roger Burgraff (speech therapist)
Michael DeFrancisco (George)
Jason Fong (grocery clerk)
Diane Doucette (therapy nurse)
Jessie Gordon (I.C.U. nurse)

Alternative Titles

Brain Check – Das andere Ich – West German title
Brain Waves – alternative spelling
BrainWaves – Finnish video title
Brainwaves onde cerebrali – Italian title
Dödens märke – Swedish title
Geerbte Todesangst – West German title
Mind Games
Shadow of Death
Vorsicht, Hochspannung!
– West German title

Extracts included in
Zodiac Killer (2005)

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