Brainstorm (1983)

USA, 1982
35mm film, 65mm film, 70mm film, Panavision, Super Panavision 70, Metrocolor, 1.85:1, 2.20:1, 2.35:1
70 mm 6-Track, Dolby Stereo, English

An American science fiction film directed by Douglas Trumbull.

Plot Summary

A group of researchers develop a way of recording and playing back human experiences. Inevitably, the is soon being used for sexual experiences and the government start sniffing around and are soon producing psychological warfare weapons with the device. Meanwhile, the death of one of the research team while recording in the machine prompts others to try to experience his death through his recording.


Directed by: Douglas Trumbull
© by MGM/UA Entertainment Co.
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents a JF production. A Douglas Trumbull film
Executive Producer: Joel L. Freedman
Produced by: Douglas Trumbull
Associate Producer: Richard Yuricich
Screenplay by: Robert Stitzel, Philip Frank Messina
Story by: Bruce Joel Rubin
Director of Photography: Richard Yuricich
Film Editors: Edward Warschilka, Freeman Davies
Music Composed by: James Horner
Sound Mixer: Art Rochester
Costumes Designed by: Donfeld
Make-Up Artists: Edward C. Ternes, Robert Jiras
Hair Stylist: Bette L. Iverson
Special Effects: Robert Spurlock, Eric Allard, Martin Bresin
Special Visual Effects Created by: Entertainment Effects Group
Production Designer: John Vallone
Casting by: Lynn Stalmaster, Toni Howard & Associates
Filmed on location in North Carolina

Christopher Walken (Michael Brace)
Natalie Wood (Karen Brace)
Louise Fletcher (Lillian Reynolds)
Cliff Robertson (Alex Terson)
Jordan Christopher (Gordy Forbes)
Donald Hotton (Landon Marks)
Alan Fudge (Robert Jenkins)
Joe Dorsey (Hal Abramson)
Bill Morey (James Zimbach)
Jason Lively (Chris Brace)
Darrell Larson (security technician)
Lou Walker (chef)
Stacey Kuhne-Adams (Andrea)
John Hugh (animal lab technician)
David Wood (Barry)
Keith Colbert (Dr Ted Harris)
Jerry Bennett (Dr Janet Bock)
Mary-Fran Lyman (realtor)
Jack Harmon (security guard)
Nina Axelrod (simulator technician)

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