Braindead (1992)

New Zealand, 1992
85m (USA – R rated version); 94m (Germany); 97m (USA – unrated version); 99m (Argentina); 99 mins 23 sec (UK – video); 100m (Australia – video; Sweden – theatrical); 103m 33 secs (Australia – theatrical; Hong Kong – theatrical; New Zealand – theatrical; Norway – theatrical; Japan – laserdisc; UK – theatrical)
35mm film, colour, 1.66:1
Dolby, English

A New Zealand comedy horror film directed by Peter Jackson.

Plot Summary

Lionel is constantly hen-pecked by his overbearing mother who even tries to end his budding romance with local shop girl Paquita. On a trip to the zoo, his mother is bitten by a “rat monkey” that infects her with a virus that slowly mutates her into a zombie. Lionel refuses to let his undead mother go, even when she starts infecting other people and before he knows it he’s up to his neck in zombies.


Director: Peter Jackson
WingNut Films, New Zealand Film Commission
Producer: Jim Booth
Associate Producer: Jamie Selkirk
Script: Stephen Sinclair, Frances Walsh, Peter Jackson
Story: Stephen Sinclair
Director of Photography: Murray Milne
Editor: Jamie Selkirk
Music: Peter Dasent
Sound Recording: Tony Johnson
Costume Designer: Chris Elliott
Make-up: Debra East, Bob McCarron
Wig Designer: Debra East
Prosthetics Make-up Supervisor: Marjory Hamlin
Special Effects Co-Ordinator: Steve Ingram
Production Designer: Kevin Leonard-Jones

Timothy Balme (Lionel Cosgrove)
Diana Peñalver (Paquita Maria Sanchez)
Elizabeth Moody (Vera Cosgrove)
Ian Watkin (Uncle Les)
Brenda Kendall (Nurse McTavish)
Stuart Devenie (Father McGruder)
Elizabeth Brimilcombe (zombie’s mother)
Jed Brophy (Void)
Stephen Papps (zombie McGruder)
Murray Keane (Scroat)
Glenis Levesiam (Mrs Matheson)
Lewis Rowe (Mr Matheson)
Elizabeth Mulfaxe (Rita)
Harry Sinclair (Roger)
Davina Whitehouse (Paquita’s grandmother)
Silvio Fumularo (Paquita’s father)
Brian Sergent (vet)
Peter Vere-Jones (undertaker)
Tina Regtien (Mandy)
Bill Ralston (Stewart)

Alternative Titles

Dead Alive – USA

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